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Metal Tread: Durability and Uses

High traffic areas and challenging environments demand a durable, rugged anti-slip solution for stairs and walkways. Our BOLD STEP® aluminum stair treads supply an ideal solution for these heavily trafficked areas in both pedestrian and industrial spaces. You’ll find Sure-Foot metal stair treads supplying safer stairs and walkways in public spaces like transit stations, airports, colleges, universities, outdoor amphitheaters, hospitals and office buildings. In addition to their ability to withstand heavy traffic, metal stair coverings hold up in the harshest environments including rain, snow, sleet and extreme temperatures.

True Grit Durability

One difference between Sure-Foot’s solutions and the competition is our BOLD STEP® closed cell epoxy system. This unique mixture resists chips, dirt, scratches and oils, unlike open-cell porous products.

The BOLD STEP® product line encompasses a variety of different profiles for various application. Solutions range from extruded aluminum with single or double channels to cast aluminum treads and nosing’s. Flat safety plates come without nosing’s to supply rugged safety protection in areas such as ramps, inclines or landings.

The embedded epoxy will not scrape off and aluminum itself will not warp, or rust, making it an ideal choice for exterior applications where it can provide safe footing in any type of weather while supplying a long-lasting solution.

Cast aluminum stair nosing’s for example, will last the lifetime of the building. This type is best installed during new construction as concrete is being poured. The surface is easy to clean using many types of tools from general-purpose industrial floor cleaner to a power spray system up to 1000 psi.

Benefits Beyond Safety

Metal stair treads serve other purposes beyond their primary function of supplying anti-slip protection. They can also assist with:

Building Code Compliance

Local or industry-specific building codes might require certain characteristics that dictate stair tread design. A subway system for example needs to help supply a safe exit to passengers in case of a power outage. In this application the metal treads can be outfitted with a glow-in-the-dark insert in the front channel of an extruded aluminum stair tread.

Easily Identifiable Direction

A transit service will often color-code the different lines or trains. Stair treads can feature glow-in-the-dark in the front channel, while the back channel of the same stair tread can be fitted with a color to help identify a station or the train line. This application can also be used to identify seating sections in a stadium or similar venue.

Identity and Aesthetics

Colleges and universities, manufacturing facilities and businesses that have colors associated with their brand can select BOLD STEP® products for safe walkways and stairs and maintain their brand identity by using matching colors in a single or double-channel extruded aluminum stair tread. Look for the traditional red and gray stair treads at places like The Ohio State University.

Hazard Warnings

Theme parks, transit services, boat docks and other transportation venues can take advantage of optional hazard strips that can fill the channel of the metal safety plates. Sure-Foot’s patented process allows us to produce a diagonal hazard pattern that helps identify a platform’s edge. Due to the amount of traffic and potentially adverse weather conditions, anti-slip tape may begin to fail while the aluminum safety plate can supply years of lasting service.

Flexible Options

One final difference that brings customers back to Sure-Foot is our flexibility. Companies and organizations that conduct regular repair, tread rotation or, are installing a large number of treads can spread out their order over time. Sure-Foot can and has accepted blanket orders. Both shipments and payments can be spread out over time to allow for proper tread installation and to fit within budget parameters. Give us a call to find out how our metal stair tread options can supply a long-lasting anti-slip solution for your organization, at 800-522-6566.

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