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2.6" One-Color Single Cavity Aluminum Stair Tread with 90˚ Nose
2.6" One-Color Single Cavity Aluminum Stair Tread with 90˚ Nose

Sure-Foot’s BOLD STEP® line of anti-slip stair solutions includes durable and visually pleasing products. We guarantee they are constructed with first-grade quality materials, are smooth, free of imperfections and contain no asbestos fiber.

Meets and exceeds OSHA and ADA federal guidelines.

Available Standard Sizes

2.6″ Single Cavity Tread with 90˚ nose

Specify color and length up to 144″

Custom colors available

The 2.6” One-Color Single Cavity Aluminum Stair Tread is a permanent fix to perilous stairs. When it comes to your commercial new construction or renovation projects, safety is key.

Treads are easily cleanable with a general-purpose industrial floor cleaner. If there is encrusted dirt, simply use a stiff, bristled brush with an industrial cleaner.

To learn more about our aluminum stair tread options, contact us today.

Available Colors

Glow Non-Slip Aluminum TreadGlow Anti-Slip Aluminum Tread


Red Non-Slip Aluminum Tread


Yellow Anti-Slip Aluminum Tread


Dark Green Anti-Slip Aluminum Tread

Dark Green

Blue Anti-Slip Aluminum Tread


Black Non-Slip Aluminum Tread


Grey Non-Slip Aluminum Tread


Brown Anti-Slip Aluminum Tread


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