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Industrial stair treads supply protection to personnel against slips and falls in heavily trafficked areas and reduce your liability risk. There are several important design elements involved in creating safe walking surfaces inside industrial facilities, including adhering to local building codes. Proper maintenance always helps. Replace worn or missing stair treads and keep steps and walkways clean and free of obstructions, to help reduce risk.

At Sure-Foot Industries, every product we make exceeds OSHA and ADA guidelines for coefficient of friction. We manufacture our industrial stair treads using the highest quality American Made materials, designed and engineered to withstand challenging environments and work situations to provide long-lasting protection in areas that could pose a hazard. This includes:

  • interior and exterior stairways
  • walkways
  • floors
  • ramps
  • trucks
  • oil rig platforms
  • custom and specialty applications

New Sure-Foot customers become repeat buyers for other areas within their facilities once they witness our product durability first-hand.

Industrial stair treads can include fiberglass step covers and walkways, our BOLD STEP® aluminum extrusions and our line of rubber treads and tiles.

Fiberglass step covers

We offer a range of grit-coated fiberglass step and walkway covers. These offer industrial users a permanent and durable anti-slip solution that come in a variety of depths and colors.

Five sizes, 3, 6, 8, 9 and 11.75 inches are available in lengths up to 144” and can be purchased in heavy-duty, medium, light or fine grit. Custom sizes are available. A yellow sightline added to the front edge or “nose” of the stair tread aids pedestrian awareness.

Metal Stair Treads

Our superior BOLD STEP® coating system helps our stair treads resist chips, dirt, scratches, stains and oil, for long-lasting service. Customize these treads to complement existing architecture or add a color or striping pattern to increase safety and warn of potential hazard areas.

We offer a wide range of products in metal stair treads for industrial and heavy traffic areas, including:

  • Renovation treads
  • Safety plates
  • Cast aluminum
  • Anchor treads
  • Aluminum tape treads

Rubber Treads and Tiles

The raised patterns on our commercial rubber stair treads allow for greater traction and easy cleaning with a wet mop. Highly versatile, rubber industrial stair treads apply to many interior walkways, ramps and stairs.

Rubber stair treads are available in a variety of colors to help match interior architecture or school or corporate color schemes and brand identities.

Industrial rubber stair treads have a standard depth of 12.25 inches with the raised pattern on the stair tread extending ten inches deep. The raised patterns (discs or diamonds) help drain moisture and liquids while supplying greater traction. Different lengths provide options for stairs and steps ranging from 36” to 72” long. Commercial rubber floor tiles, another option, come in a standard 24”x24” square.

Factors that determine industrial stair tread selection include its location, amount and type of traffic, environmental factors, exposure to slippery or oily substances, budget, aesthetics and any local building codes.

Sure-Foot offers a guide to help determine which anti-slip solution is recommended for different surfaces/environments. Or contact Sure-Foot Industries today at 800-522-6566 for a consultation about industrial stair treads and other products.

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