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Sure-Foot aims to make your job easier. We understand that your needs for product consistency, selection, and customization are vital when choosing a supplier. Not only does Sure-Foot offer a high-quality, American made anti-slip tape products, we also manufacture a wide variety of bulk rolls at an affordable cost.

Prioritize Safety with Sure-Foot

Sure-Foot offers anti-slip bulk rolls ranging from 25 inches to 52 inches wide, nearly double the sizes offered by others. Standard sizes and color options allow you to offer a customized tape product for your customers, ultimately creating options that are second to none.

Customized Anti-Slip Tape Products

Sure-Foot provides several custom anti-slip tapes, ideal for converters. From black tape to glow tape, we can customize an order to meet your specifications, including size, color, and type of grit. View our tape product options listed below and contact us for custom specifications.

Learn More About Our Products:

In addition to ensuring reliable quality and selection in one place, we also strive to have the fastest turnaround time possible. Sure-Foot is proud to offer a quicker turnaround time on projects as well as a quick response during your inventory emergencies.

Ready to learn more about our anti-slip tape products? Contact us or request a sample.

Informational Product Documents

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