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9in Glow Aluminum Stair Tread
9in Glow Aluminum Stair Tread
9in Glow Aluminum Stair Tread

The goal of having an aluminum stair tread is safety. If you could have style along with it, that’s a bonus. Sure-Foot’s BOLD STEP® line features eye-catching and resilient anti-slip products for use on steps.

Meets and exceeds OSHA and ADA federal guidelines.

Available Standard Sizes

9″ Double Cavity Tread with 90˚ nose

Specify color and length up to 144″

Custom colors available

BOLD STEP is an aluminum extrusion inlayed with anti-slip epoxy filler and can be used in new construction or restoration projects.

The 9” Glow & One-Color Double Cavity Aluminum Stair Tread has two great features. You can have one featured color, while still having a glow cavity for safety in poor visibility conditions. Standard colors include grey, red, brown, yellow, black, blue and dark green.

The Glow BOLD STEP cavity is designed for safety and surpasses any illumination requirements your project could have. It’s also easy to recharge with natural light or any interior light source.

Sure-Foot understands that particular situations call for options. We can customize size and color. To learn more about our aluminum stair treads, contact us or request a product sample today.

Available Colors

Glow Non-Slip Aluminum TreadGlow Anti-Slip Aluminum Tread


Red Non-Slip Aluminum Tread


Yellow Anti-Slip Aluminum Tread


Dark Green Anti-Slip Aluminum Tread

Dark Green

Blue Anti-Slip Aluminum Tread


Black Non-Slip Aluminum Tread


Grey Non-Slip Aluminum Tread


Brown Anti-Slip Aluminum Tread


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