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Wet conditions brought on by inclement weather or hazardous work conditions tend to increase chances for slips and falls injuries. To reduce the instances of these injuries and the costs associated with them, you want the best in anti-slip floor tape and treads. Master Stop™ specialty treads are a unique product created by Sure-Foot, experts in safety. These tapes and treads offer safety and visibility in areas that require extra attention.

Made with a mineral abrasive grit-coated polyester film, Master Stop™ Safety Tapes and Treads are the answer to slip and fall problems in any environment. Varieties of grit materials, colors and sizes are available to meet specific needs. All tapes and treads meet and exceed OSHA and ADA federal standards. From hazard tape to reflective glow tape, we have all of your anti-slip needs covered. Sure-Foot even manufactures slogan tape to allow for extra visibility in harsh conditions.

Caution Slogan Tread
Tape Treads
Yellow Hazard Treads
Heavy Duty Black Tread

Step and Stair Treads for Hazardous Environments

When safety concerns are a top priority for the customers you sell to – rely on Sure-Foot to deliver the commercial solutions needed. Whether it’s a high-traffic work area near highly lubricated machinery or on consumer OEM products used in all-season weather, mitigating slips and falls on these surfaces can be difficult.

To resolve these dangerous issues, Sure-Foot has introduced Master Stop™ specialty treads and tapes. These products provide safety and extra visibility in areas needing additional focus. They’re available in different varieties of grit materials, colors, and sizes to meet specific needs. Sure-Foot offers special treads bearing slogans that warn users, including “CAUTION” and “WATCH YOUR STEP.” A variety of reflective and glow stripe anti-slip treads are available that alert users to possible hazards. Hazard stripe treads come in yellow and black or red and white. Heavy-duty black treads offer durable anti-slip protection.

Composed of a mineral abrasive grit-coated polyester film, Master Stop™ treads, and tapes offer high levels of protection against slips and falls in many environments. All tapes and treads meet and exceed OSHA and ADA federal standards. These hazard treads are a safe, affordable way to increase awareness in areas that require extra attention with hazard-stripe treads.

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