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Residential Fiberglass Deck Strips
Residential Fiberglass Deck Strips
Non-Slip Fiberglass Deck Strips

2" & 4" Deck Strips

Fiberglass Deck Strip Colors

Deck Strips Colors

Residential Fiberglass Deck StripsNon-Slip Fiberglass Deck StripsFiberglass Deck Strip Colors

Meets and exceeds OSHA and ADA federal guidelines.

Sure-Foot’s anti-slip fiberglass (FRP) deck strips provide ultimate slip resistance while delivering a durable permanent anti-slip solution.

Wooden decks, ramps, piers and steps (around pools, lakes, marinas, etc.) are notorious for becoming slippery when wet. Constant moisture allows for the build-up of algae or mildew causing the surface to become even more hazardous. Fiberglass deck plates are the ideal lightweight solution which can be installed on any structurally sound structure to eliminate the slippery surface. Although originally designed for use on wood decks, these deck strips can be quickly and easily installed on virtually any surface such as aluminum, metal or concrete.

While it is always important to exercise caution to avoid slipping and falling, our grit-coated deck plates will provide an extra level of safety without damaging your surfaces or being too obtrusive. The tapered design of both the 2” and 4” profiles eliminates any trip hazards while providing an aesthetically appealing product.

We offer our FRP Deck Strips for both residential and commercial installations. Our proprietary grit blend used in the residential sector is suitable for barefoot traffic while we offer more aggressive grit textures which are ideal for industrial applications. All of our FRP Deck Plates are available in lengths up to 144”.

Contact us to speak with a representative about ordering our non-slip deck strips.

Informational Product Documents

Available Standard Sizes

Standard Size: 2” or 4”

Specify color and length up to 144″

Available Colors

Pool Blue Anti-Slip Fiberglass Deck Strips

Pool Blue

White Anti-Slip Fiberglass Deck Strips


Black Anti-Slip Fiberglass Deck Strips


Grey Anti-Slip Fiberglass Deck Strips


Yellow Anti-Slip Fiberglass Deck Strips


Brown Anti-Slip Fiberglass Deck Strips


Tan Anti-Slip Fiberglass Deck Strips


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