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2.6" One-Color Single Cavity Aluminum Stair Tread
2.6" One-Color Single Cavity Aluminum Stair Tread

The One-Color Single Cavity Stair Tread is perfect for flooring that becomes slick in icy or wet conditions. As part of the BOLD STEP line, it offers the best in anti-slip protection. Custom colors are available upon request.

Meets and exceeds OSHA and ADA federal guidelines.

Available Standard Sizes

2.6″ Single Cavity Tread with 90˚ nose

Specify color and length up to 144″

Custom colors available

For more than 30 years, Sure-Foot has worked to make sure your safety is intact. The BOLD STEP® products are custom-made to meet every customer’s needs and specifications.

BOLD STEP ensures safe footing for both interior and exterior steps. Renovation stair treads, safety plates, anchor nosings, and treads are made of an aluminum extrusion inlayed with mineral epoxy grit.

To learn more about our aluminum stair treads, contact us today.

Available Colors

Glow Non-Slip Aluminum TreadGlow Anti-Slip Aluminum Tread


Red Non-Slip Aluminum Tread


Yellow Anti-Slip Aluminum Tread


Dark Green Anti-Slip Aluminum Tread

Dark Green

Blue Anti-Slip Aluminum Tread


Black Non-Slip Aluminum Tread


Grey Non-Slip Aluminum Tread


Brown Anti-Slip Aluminum Tread


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