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Anti-Slip Vinyl Stair Treads

To protect your employees and customers while reducing your liability risk, you need to be proactive in preventing accidents on your premises. An easy solution to help prevent slip and fall accidents in your building is vinyl stair treads from Sure-Foot Industries.

Anti-slip vinyl stair treads provide safe interior stair coverings in any building with pedestrian traffic. Economical and attractive, vinyl stair treads are a long-wearing resilient safety solution. Stair treads add safety and durability, lessen the impact of foot traffic and offer ease of cleaning on any stairway.

Anti-Slip Industrial Flooring Tiles

One of the most common causes of accidents, both in the home and in the workplace, is from slipping on floors, which can result in severe injury or even death. If such a mishap occurs, the injured party could be out of work for many months and could even sue your company for damages.

Our line of Master Stop™ slip-resistant tiles provides maximum drainage, safe footing, and comfort for your staff and guests. We offer 2 types of anti-slip safety mats, which are both designed with special non-slip and anti-fatigue properties – while also being resistant to industrial chemicals, water exposure, and other potential hazards.

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