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Whether you are in need of an anti-slip tape, a fiberglass step cover, an aluminum stair tread or another safety stair solution, Sure-Foot can help. Sure-Foot’s anti-slip products have ensured safe footing for more than 30 years for both indoor and outdoor projects.

Take a look at our product photo gallery for safety stair inspiration. If you like what you see, contact us today or request a sample.

Fiberglass Industrial Step Covers
BOLD STEP Aluminum Stair Treads
Non-Slip Stair Treads for Concrete Applications
Glow in the Dark Non-Slip Treads
Glow in the Dark Anti-Slip Treads
Anti-Slip Aluminum Stair Tread
Non-Slip Fiberglass Step Cover
Slip Resistant Fiberglass Step Covers
Anti-Slip Fiberglass Step Covers
Jewelery Store Stairs with Anti Slip Treads
Grit-Coated Fiberglass Step Covers
Master Stop Non-Slip Tape Installation
Master Stop Anti-Slip Tape Installation
Custom Cut Non-Slip Tape Treads
Anti-Slip Hazard Plates
Slip Resistant Aluminum Stair Treads
Grit-Coated Fiberglass Step Covers
Non-Slip Fiberglass Walkway Panel Application
BOLD STEP anti-slip tread application
Truck Walkway Panel Application
Yellow FRP Step Cover Medium Grit
Yellow and Black Flat Panel Step Cover
Fire Retardant Fiberglass Step Covers
Fire Retardant Fiberglass Step Covers
Slip Resistant Playground Ramp
Custom Cut Tape install on University stairs
Fiberglass Panels on CNC Machine Walkway
Fiberglass Step Covers on Fire Escape
Fiberglass Step Cover install on Cement Steps
Fiberglass Step Covers on Outdoor Stairs
Help prevent slips, trips and falls at facilities.
Non-Slip Deck Plates on Pool Deck
Non-Flip Fiberglass Panel for Transportation
Anti-Slip Rubber Stair Treads Installation
Non-Slip Heavy Duty Rubber Stair Treads with Grit Strip
Slip Resistant Deck Plates on Boat Dock
Slip Resistant Reinforced Polymer Stair Tread
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