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Accidental slips and falls are among the biggest reasons for employee time loss in many industries. The rate of injury increases when there are stairs or some form of lift used by employees every day. Sure-Foot realizes these dangers and strives to keep everyone safe with fiberglass step covers.

Our fiberglass step covers feature grit panels to boost their anti-slip performance. The embedded grit mixture creates peaks and valleys where pressure pushes water, moisture, or other slippery materials out of the way, resulting in a higher coefficient of friction to increase stability between the foot and flooring, reducing slips. It also holds the bottom of the shoe, steadying a person when they place a foot on the step.

Grit panels are installed over step covers. The grit panel itself is a multi-layer epoxy grit application, which makes it feel like grains of sand or gravel when touched by the bare hand, and its sole purpose is to provide friction on the step to ensure a worker’s footing. The grit absorbs water and other moisture, which would typically make the surface slippery. It also grabs the bottom of the shoe, steadying an employee when they place a foot on the step.

Sure-Foot Industries understands that the safety of all workers is a top priority and offers many options to meet all applications within your business. Sure-Foot fiberglass step covers are available in four sizes – 3, 8, 9 and 11.75 inches – to accommodate different step sizes. All step cover sizes can be purchased in heavy-duty, medium, lite or fine grit.

Sure-Foot Industries fiberglass step covers are important for the safety of every employee. Employers who want to keep employees from slipping and falling down stairs will look into Sure-Foot Industries because of our reputation. When employers and Sure-Foot Industries work together, employees stay safe, employers save money and injuries are drastically reduced. The Sure-Foot Industries safety line safeguards both employers and employees on a consistent, daily basis.

If you’re dealing with slippery, and potentially hazardous steps and walking surfaces at your facilities – you are not alone. Learn how some businesses have mitigated slips and falls with Sure-Foot’s fiberglass anti-slip step covers.  

Case Study: No more slipping and sliding at the Metropark.

A Metropark had a potential problem with slippery outdoor wooden steps. The rangers at the park were receiving complaints from visitors about the stairs on a heavily traveled path, which were becoming increasingly slick due to inclement weather and moisture build-up. One stop-gap solution they tried involved painting them and adding anti-slip grit before the paint dried. This worked in the short term but wore away and could only be replaced during warm weather.   

Read more about the final product recommendation, installation and results.  

Case Study: Improving a steel plant’s safety.

A steel plant had worn stairways that posed a safety hazard. One particularly troublesome area featured old open-grated metal steps and landings that became especially slick due to the oil and grease used in this high foot traffic area. 

This facility needed an anti-slip step cover solution that’s tough enough to withstand a heavy industrial environment and resistant to corrosion and chemicals. 

Read more to learn how Sure-Foot ultimately recommended the installed solution, and how the results were received by the customer.  

Case study: Taming an outdoor stairway.

An aerospace company faced a worker safety challenge with something as down-to-earth as an outdoor stairway. Managers worried the stairs would become a liability since approximately 130 people used them daily, and the open-grated steps had begun showing signs of wear.  

The company contacted Sure-Foot for an anti-slip solution that would work on the stairs and withstand the wear and tear of exposure to the weather and heavy foot traffic.  

Read more about this outdoor installation that faced heavy employee foot traffic.

When Sure-Foot Industries and their distributor partners work together to solve customer safety problems, more employees stay safe, businesses save money, and injuries are drastically reduced. Sure-Foot fiberglass step covers are available in four sizes – 3”, 8”, 9”, and 11.75” – to accommodate different step sizes. All step cover sizes can be purchased in heavy-duty, medium, lite, or fine grit.

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