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2.6 inch Single Cavity Aluminum Groove Tread
2.6 inch Single Cavity Aluminum Groove Tread

Sure-Foot’s BOLD STEP® anti-slip line features a two-color, double cavity with a groove tread. Not only is this anti-slip solution nice to look at, it’s also a reliable product. In addition to the color cavities, there is an extra groove for a reflective or glow stripe, creating added safety whenever it’s harder for someone to see.

Meets and exceeds OSHA and ADA federal guidelines.

Available Standard Sizes

2.6″ Groove Tread designed for 1/4″ reflective or glow stripe on face and top.

Specify color and length up to 144″

Custom colors available

The 2.6″ aluminum groove stair tread is part of our BOLD STEP® Aluminum Groove Stair Treads solutions. They offer a reflective glow that is perfect for a surface with non-slip needs. All our products surpass illumination requirements.

Can be used for new construction or replacement stairways. This type of groove stair tread anchored into cement, steel/metal or wood surfaces.

Available Colors

Glow Non-Slip Aluminum TreadGlow Anti-Slip Aluminum Tread


Red Non-Slip Aluminum Tread


Yellow Anti-Slip Aluminum Tread


Dark Green Anti-Slip Aluminum Tread

Dark Green

Blue Anti-Slip Aluminum Tread


Black Non-Slip Aluminum Tread


Grey Non-Slip Aluminum Tread


Brown Anti-Slip Aluminum Tread


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