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Sure-Foot Industries Corp. manufactures products to provide safe footing in a variety of industrial, commercial, residential and institutional applications – protecting employees, guests and patrons.

From anti-slip tape designed for use in and around the home to our aggressive fiberglass-based products used in off-shore and mining operations, Sure-Foot helps improve overall safety while keeping productivity high.

As the direct/prime manufacturer, we are a wholesale only organization. To be considered as a business partner and establish an account with us, companies must possess a Federal Tax Identification Number and a Sales Tax-Exempt/or Reseller Certificate. If these two items are not present, a business is not eligible to purchase directly from Sure-Foot. Although an organization may not purchase directly from us, we still encourage them contact us for product details and a list of distributor partners.

Who are our customers?

Sure-Foot’s customers include a network of select distributors, re-sellers, converters, retail organizations and original equipment manufacturers (OEM). Selling through these channels allows us to ensure product availability and efficient fulfillment across North America.

Our products range from standard stock items to custom designed and manufactured solutions to unique problems. Hazards like a slippery set of steps on a plant floor, wet decking at a local water park or a delivery vehicle are examples of where a custom solution was created to solve safety concerns.

Sure-Foot’s entire product catalog may or may not fit with your core audience or business focus. We don’t require exclusivity nor do we expect our customers to carry all our product lines.

How do we assist in the sales process?

Once an organization has their account established with Sure-Foot, we begin by offering samples of our anti-slip products. We then communicate to learn more about their marketing strategies, goals and sales objectives. Additionally, throughout this discovery process, we will develop a process on how to best handle, facilitate and fulfill the sales cycle. Our team is here to support customers through every step of a sales opportunity, from educating sales and customer service teams to assisting with online marketing. Sure-Foot staff is here to serve our customers by providing top quality product’s backed by world class customer service.

Are you ready to make the world a safer place one step at a time?

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In order to become a Sure-Foot partner you must complete our application packet by clicking the button below. Return your completed packet to If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us for help.

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