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Whether your facility is involved with discovering, obtaining, producing, refining, or distributing oil and gas, a number of places can become worn down and slick due to harsh elements and high traffic. Areas such as stairs and walkways may create an unsafe work environment if they’re not properly maintained. Sure-Foot delivers tough anti-slip solutions that can withstand extreme conditions.

Choosing the Most Durable Products

Since durability and quality are crucial in the oil and gas industry, Sure-Foot offers high-quality, American Made products built to last longer. We offer versatile anti-slip tapes, EXTREME tapes, and fiberglass solutions so you can find the products that meet a facility’s specific application. Easy to install and maintain, Sure-Foot products have the lifetime value and safety your operation needs.

Customized Anti-Slip Products

Product customization is standard for Sure-Foot, and we’ll create a solution to meet your exact specifications. Sure-Foot’s broad product selection offers options in size, thickness, color, and grit grade.

We deliver your solution faster, providing durable high-quality products that ship within 3 to 20 days based on product selection. Quicker turnaround, customization, and long-lasting results make Sure-Foot your ideal anti-slip product partner.

Learn More About Our Products: 

Interested in learning more about how Sure-Foot provides durable solutions for the oil and gas industry?  Contact us or request a sample.

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