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7.5" Double Cavity Aluminum Tape Tread
7.5" Double Cavity Aluminum Tape Tread

When working on a stair renovation project, the easiest thing to fix is your stair safety solution. Sure-Foot’s MASTER STOP Aluminum Tape Treads will fill that need.

Meets and exceeds OSHA and ADA federal guidelines.

Available Standard Sizes

7.5″ Double Cavity Tape Tread with 90˚ nose

Specify color and length up to 144″

MASTER STOP’s 7.5” Two-Color Double Cavity Aluminum Tape Tread can give you the peace of mind that your renovation project is safe. Tread tape colors include black, white, grey, brick red, clear, brown, beige, safety yellow, safety red, black/yellow hazard, red/white hazard and more.

MASTER STOP is a full line of aluminum tape treads that is available for inlay, providing a variety of colors, grit materials, and custom printing options.

To learn more about our aluminum tape treads, contact us or request a product sample today.

Available Colors




Brick Red




Safety Yellow


Safety Red

Safety Red

Black & Yellow Hazard

Red & White Hazard

Mop Top Black

Mop Top Grey

Mop Top Grey

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