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Anti-Slip Flooring Solutions – Choosing the Best

Five considerations

Employees and visitors, guests and patients, students and seniors—there are so many segments of the population that can benefit from anti-slip flooring solutions. Environments ranging from schools to shipyards and oil rigs to office buildings offer unique challenges for the amount and type of foot traffic and the conditions that warrant non-slip flooring. Consider the options and make comparisons prior to deciding.

Choices Between Coatings or Other Options

Sure-Foot selected a focus on anti-slip flooring solutions such as tape, treads and tiles instead of coatings for a number of reasons. The proper application of a coating requires an experienced installer who is going to take the time necessary to prepare the surface area, a factor that cannot be controlled once product leaves the warehouse. Inadequate preparation leads to a high degree of product failure. In addition, many of these coatings contain chemicals that are considered hazardous.

Well Rounded Solutions Portfolio

No two flooring situations are alike and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution that will supply the right type of anti-slip protection required in different circumstances. Sure-Foot offers a well-rounded portfolio of anti-slip tapes, fiberglass step covers, panels; rubber, vinyl and metal stair treads and so on. Other companies often focus on a single line, such as tape, which might not supply the best, safest option for a given environment. A wide-ranging portfolio offers a greater chance of finding the right solution for a durable, long-lasting safe pathway, floor or surface.

Comply with Safety Regulations

The benefits of a broad portfolio non-slip flooring solutions are amplified when considering the safety regulations for different industries. Companies or municipalities might need a variety of options to comply with building codes. For example, there are situations that require a glow-in-the-dark edge on a step, or an anti-slip flooring installation in certain areas of a manufacturing plant. A single solution source that supplies anti-slip tape alone will not be able to cover the variety of safety applications that a broad portfolio can provide.

A Depth of Experience and Understanding

The staff at Sure-Foot is trained to listen and gather data regarding all aspects of your specific safety concern. Our vast field experience and thorough project discovery process enables us to supply the right solution or choice of solutions for your application.

Domestic Source and Supply

Today more than ever before companies are looking for domestic manufacturing sources. At Sure-Foot Industries, 100% of our tapes, metal stair treads, rubber and vinyl anti-slip solutions are made in the U.S.  We pride ourselves on our domestic sourcing and manufacturing. Quality control is less of an issue when compared to imports. At Sure-Foot we are strongly in favor of supporting our U.S.-based economy. 

Discover the benefits of offering Sure-Foot products to your customers:  

  • Broad variety of product types
  • Graduated degrees of anti-slip protection
  • Options for extreme environments
  • Rated to meet safety standards such as noted OSHA & ADA
  • Optional colors to reinforce branding or aid with identification
  • Durable and long-lasting for an economical choice
  • Domestically sourced and manufactured
  • Custom and die-cut solutions
  • Coverage for multiple industries such as:
    • Transportation
    • Oil and Gas
    • Original Equipment Manufacturers
    • Processing facilities
    • Schools and Colleges
    • Local, state and national parks
    • Converters

Contact us to learn more about our anti-slip solutions: 800-522-6566.

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