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It’s important to make sure the right anti-slip stair treads are used in any setting where safety is a top concern.

Sure-Foot Industries meets expectations every day with a wide range of products for every need. Regardless of the size or color, our stair treads are crucial for improving safety and lowering the possibility of accidents across a range businesses and public facilities.

Workplace injuries can lead to many negative consequences, including potential lawsuits, lost productivity, and expensive worker’s compensation payouts.

Sure-Foot Industries Corporation provides anti-slip flooring products that are sure to make properties safer.

Our products include anti slip vinyl treads, renovation stair treads, fiberglass step covers, and anti-slip stair treads and tape rolls. We also have products that are designed to aid new construction projects, including casts and anchors. Our metal stair treads are available for diverse applications. They include:

  • Renovation treads
  • Safety plates
  • Cast aluminum (for concrete, steel-pan cement, and terrazzo stairs)
  • Anchor treads
  • Aluminum tape treads

Our stair treads are specially coated with our superior BOLD STEP® coating system. This specialized coating helps our stair treads to resist chips, dirt, scratches, stains, and oil.   

These carefully designed, durable products are guaranteed to meet your satisfaction. Contact us or request a sample to take the first step toward a safer workplace! 

Sure-Foot also offers a retail product line: SKID GUARDTM tapes and stair treads. The products are available in a range of widths and lengths and are well-suited for any area. Both our six-inch and three-inch treads feature reflective stripes to provide illumination for even more safety. 

Why Our Anti-Slip Stair Treads Have Wide Appeal

1. Safety of Workers and Visitors

Whether it’s a public area or a place of employment, safety should always come first. Our anti-slip stair treads are made especially to offer outstanding traction and lower the possibility of trips and falls on steps. The following are some significant advantages that directly improve visitor and employee safety:

Superior Traction: Even in damp or slick conditions, the exceptional materials and surface textures used in the construction of our stair treads greatly improve grip. Our high-quality products lessen the likelihood of slip-related incidents and injuries.

Sturdy Design: Our treads are made to endure severe weather and high foot traffic, guaranteeing long-term safety in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Simple Installation: End users and distributors like the simplicity of installation. Our anti-slip treads offer an instant safety improvement and can be easily and securely installed on a variety of stair surfaces.

2. Reduce the Probability of Legal Actions

Accidents involving slips and falls may incur significant legal costs and responsibilities. Distributors can assist their customers in lowering these hazards by offering our anti-slip stair treads. Businesses and property owners lower their risk of having legal ramifications for accidents that occur on their property when they take proactive measures to ensure safety using our treads.

3. Anti-Slip Stair Treads Can Increase Profits and Productivity

Proactive safety measures can have a positive impact on companies. For example, enhancements in safety result in improved earnings and increased productivity for all types of businesses. When staff members and guests are comfortable and confident about using the stairs, they can concentrate on their work without worrying about falls. Lower injury rates also translate into fewer missed workdays, which boosts output and improves the bottom line.

What to Expect from Stair Treads

Our anti-slip stair treads work incredibly well, especially when they’re approached the right way.

Surface Condition

The state of the underlying surface affects how effective stair treads are.

Extreme Circumstances

Stair treads hold up very well and complement other safety measures like the use of sand or salt in exceptionally icy or snowy circumstances.


To extend the long life of the anti-slip stair tread, regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary.

Industries Locations that Depend on Anti-Slip Stair Treads

Our stair treads are used in many different areas and industries, including:

  • Commercial and Office Buildings: They make retail establishments, office buildings, and shopping centers much safer.
  • Industrial Facilities: Stair treads help people avoid slips and falls in manufacturing facilities and warehouses.
  • Healthcare Facilities: With our products, personnel, patients, and guests are safe in clinics and hospitals.
  • Hospitality: Patrons are less likely to fall while dining and lodging at hotels and resorts. Restaurants also take advantage of stair treads in key areas.
  • Residential: Stair treads offer extra protection inside and outdoor locations on properties.
  • Transportation: Ramps, platforms, staircases and more structures benefit from our treads and the extra traction they provide on delivery vehicles or in bus terminals, train stations, and airports.
  • Education: Use our stair treads to protect faculty, staff, and students in K-12 schools as well as colleges and universities.
  • Public Spaces: Stair treads are very effective in government buildings and parks.
  • Wet Areas: Our stair treads are used on boat docks, boardwalks and pool decks.
  • Walkways and Ramps: Treads are ideal for loading docks, pedestrian walkways, and access ramps.

We are committed to supplying anti-slip tape to meet any specifications, and our friendly staff is happy to discuss your options. 

Contact us and speak with a representative about ordering our anti-slip stair tapes for your workplace. Or, learn more about our wide assortment of tapes and treads. 

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