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11in Grit Coated Fiberglass Step Cover
11in Grit Coated Fiberglass Step Cover

Our fiberglass step covers are grit-coated with a proprietary blend of mineral abrasive epoxy grit and constructed of 0.125″ thick fire retardant fiberglass (FRP).

Available in 4 grit-coated surfaces: Heavy Duty, Medium, Lite and Fine.

Meets and exceeds OSHA and ADA federal guidelines.

Available Standard Sizes

11.75″ (depth) step cover with 2″ nosing up to 144″ long

Custom sizing available upon request.

11.75″ Fiberglass Step Covers in Heavy-Duty, Medium, Fine Grit

At Sure Foot Industries, our goal is to keep people safe by offering high-quality products that businesses can use anywhere there is pedestrian traffic. One place where our products work especially well is on steps. Our grit-coated fiberglass step covers and non-slip stair treads offer unparalleled durability and are a cost-effective safety measure that any business can use.

Our grit-coated fiberglass step covers are available in 11.75-inch widths to suit many business applications, from scaffolding to ladders and more. These fiberglass stair treads are available with a colored strip to increase pedestrian awareness of a potential safety hazard. Our standard color strip is yellow, although we can also design a customized piece to go with a building’s existing color scheme.

What’s Different About Our Fiberglass Step Covers

The grit-coated fiberglass step covers we offer are built to last. No matter how much foot traffic a business receives, our products won’t wear away or degrade over time. We maintain a high level of quality and longevity for every product in our line. When a building owner or manager is ready to take action and increase the safety in and around a building, we’re here to provide the materials to get the job done. Contact us to speak with a representative about ordering our grit-coated fiberglass step covers for your workplace!

Fiberglass Heavy Duty GritFiberglass Heavy Duty Grit

#8 – #16 Heavy Duty Black or Yellow

Fiberglass Medium GritFiberglass Medium Grit

#20 – #40 Medium Grit Black or Yellow

Fiberglass Lite GritFiberglass Lite Grit

#30 – #50 Lite Black or Yellow

Fiberglass Fine GritFiberglass Fine Grit

#57 Fine Grit Black or Yellow

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