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Anti-Slip Stair Treads That Measure Up

Easy off-the-shelf anti-slip stair treads aren’t always the safest solution. A facility’s environment, conditions and usage level (amount and type of foot traffic) will dictate the best preventive action for each individual situation.

Ramps and stairs actually require a higher coefficient of friction (COF) rating to meet OSHA guidelines because they pose a greater hazard for trips and falls. Sure-Foot is one of the few companies that manufactures anti-slip solutions according to OSHA guidelines and in accordance with ASTM test methods.

What is the importance of the coefficient of friction and what other factors come into play when taking preventive measures against slips and falls? Each building, ramp, stair, platform and walkway has unique dimensions and purposes. Cut, color and conformity work in tandem with coefficient of friction in products custom-designed for optimal protection. First, a dive into COF and its importance:

Coefficient of Friction

Anti-slip protective solutions are measured in terms of coefficient of friction or the pounds per square inch of pressure put against two surfaces. Another way to look at it is that there are two numbers involved in a COF rating and the relationship between these two numbers determines slip resistance. The first number stands for the force needed to move one object or surface (i.e. your shoe) horizontally over another surface (the floor), while the second number represents the pressure exerted between the two surfaces.

Higher COF numbers represent a less slippery surface while a lower COF means the two surfaces coming into contact with each other do not exhibit much or any friction at all.

Sure-Foot manufactures its products to meet OSHA guidelines, which are 0.8 COF for ramp surfaces and 0.6 for steps. Steps and ramps tend to have a higher COF rating requirement than a flat floor surface. Ramps are used for all different purposes in settings from factories to schools, with differing slopes and conditions. Ensure the safety of employees, students and guests by matching the proper COF rating to the surface it covers.

In terms of matching the right product anti-slip COF to the application, Sure-Foot offers varying textures from products that anticipate indoor use and potentially bare feet (exercise equipment) to heavy traffic and adverse weather (offshore oil rig) and everything in between.

Conditions and traffic obviously dictate amount of COF required. However other factors come into play, such as cut (differing sizes and dimensions), color (for branding and safety purposes) and conformity.

The Value of Custom

Custom anti-slip tapes and anti-skid treads can be cut, colored and conformed to create a unique solution for any given application.

  • Cut – No two decks, scaffolds, stairwells or platforms are made to the same measure. Our anti-slip solutions are customizable in terms of length and shape to fit the application size needed for protection.
  • Color – Aesthetics are just the beginning of the benefits of custom color options. Colors can do more than simply identify a brand but also include safety warning strips, direction identifiers or mass transit labels. And of course, our glow-in-the-dark options help supply an extra layer of security in dark locations.
  • Conformity – We offer a selection of mineral abrasive anti-slip grit surface to offer the traction demanded by your situation. This includes custom cut and die cut anti-slip tape and treads as well as anti-slip fiberglass step covers or flat panel pieces.

Request a Sample to see the array of textures we manufacturer to determine the one best suited for your application or customer. Call us today at 800-522-6566.

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