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Master Stop Extreme Anti-Slip Tapes
Master Stop Extreme Anti-Slip Tapes

Master Stop™ Extreme tapes and treads are Sure-Foot’s strongest peel and stick anti-slip products. From offshore marine applications to the transportation industry, this specially designed pressure sensitive adhesive material is capable of preventing slips, trips, and falls in the harshest environments.

Meets and exceeds OSHA and ADA federal guidelines.

Recommended Uses

Offshore marine applications, oil and gas rigs, heavy traffic areas, work areas loading docks, stairways, ramps, walkways, bleachers, and heavy equipment.

Available Standard Sizes

Standard Die-Cut Sizes:
6″ x 24″; 3″ x 24″; 6″ x 36″

Custom die cut & custom sizing available upon request.

Made with a proprietary formula, Master Stop™ Extreme tapes & treads are specifically designed to out-perform standard anti-slip tapes. Master Stop™ Extreme’s multi-climate durable design is ideal for demanding applications where safety is a must (including outdoor settings).

Features a specially designed pressure sensitive adhesive (50% stronger than standard anti-slip tapes) with a removable liner, and a multi-layer grit embedding process lengthens product life.

Available in Black or Safety Yellow Standard Grit, an Black or Safety Yellow Coarse Grit.

Extreme Anti-Slip Tapes & Treads

Some situations require even greater anti-slip protection. These extreme applications range from safeguarding against severe weather conditions to protecting spillage-prone and heavily traveled areas. They’re why Sure-Foot introduced Master Stop™ Extreme tape: our strongest peel-and-stick anti-slip products ever, with specially designed pressure-sensitive adhesive material capable of minimizing slips, trips, and tumbles in the harshest environments. This solution meets and/or exceeds all OSHA and ADA federal guidelines, offering anti-slip protection that stands alone.

Typical extreme applications can be found across industries and functions. From transportation to heavy industry – wherever you need an extra measure of safety, Master Stop™ Extreme tape can provide it.

The proprietary power to handle your slipperiest situations

Made using a proprietary formula, Master Stop™ Extreme tape is specifically designed to outperform standard anti-slip tapes. It features an exclusive multi-layered embedded grit formula that offers an even greater level of grip and traction while providing increased durability and longer product life. Using a special pressure-sensitive adhesive that’s 50% stronger than standard anti-slip tapes, we designed Master Stop™ Extreme tape (when properly installed) to withstand temperatures from -40 to +170 Fahrenheit without being compromised.

Like our standard line of Master Stop™ tapes, Extreme anti-slip tape is resistant to many chemicals, including oil, grease, gas, salt water, mild acids, and alkali exposure. Best yet, every element of our Master Stop™ Extreme tape, from the removable liner to the abrasive grit that provides superior performance, is proudly made in the USA.

How to choose

Our regular Master Stop™ tape is ideal for indoor applications and areas that require substantial levels of protection from accidents and injuries. Typical sites include stairs, ramps, high platforms, places with high foot traffic volumes.

Master Stop™ Extreme tape works well on offshore marine installations, oil and gas rigs, heavy traffic areas, industrial workspaces, external loading docks, stairways, ramps, walkways, bleachers, and heavy equipment access points.

Available in black or safety yellow with standard grit, or black or safety yellow with coarse grit, Master Stop™ Extreme tape can protect your business from exposure to accidents while sending a message to workers and visitors alike that you take their safety seriously.

Available Colors

Coarse Anti-Slip Treads - Black

Black Coarse Grit

Coarse Anti-Slip Treads - Yellow

Yellow Coarse Grit

Extreme Anti-Slip Tape - Black

Black Standard Grit

Extreme Anti-Slip Tape - Yellow

Yellow Standard Grit

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