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Sure-foot meets and exceeds the following OSHA guidelines and recommendations:

The 0.5 SCOF figure later seemed to achieve even more credibility when OSHA was quoted by the ADA Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) of the Department of Justice Access Board. OSHA opined that this is the reason the 0.5 SCOF figure is often attributed to OSHA.

Yes, Sure-Foot supplies SDS sheets for many of our products. See the full list here.

You can find instructions on how to install our products here.

You can learn more about our LumiNova glow by viewing our spec sheet, which is available for download.

Deck strips can be manufactured up to 12 feet, with custom cuts available based on request.

Sure-Foot’s lead times vary depending on the customization of product or material.

Contact us to be connected with the right Sure-Foot product distributor.

Fine grit: safe to use in areas with barefoot traffic, such as pools, marinas, gyms and garages.

Light grit: a step up from fine grit, but is still safe for barefoot traffic and traditionally used in applications with similar foot traffic.

Medium grit: commonly used in amusement parks and recreational areas.

Heavy duty grit: Not recommended for regular walking surfaces, our heavy duty grit is ideal for sawmills, oil rigs, diverse marine applications, and other dirty or dangerous environments.

To learn more about what grit is right for your unique needs, please call us.

The lifespan of our products varies depending on the material you select, subflooring, installation, and foot traffic. Sure-Foot products will last for years under normal conditions showing little to no signs of wear and may even out last conventional materials, due to the durable properties of our coatings and resins.

Contact our customer support team for help selecting the right product for your application that will give you years of anti-slip safety.

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