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Sure-Foot Industries specializes in making slip-resistant tapes that offer an ideal way to minimize expenses while making your business environment safer for employees and customers.

Master Stop™ anti-slip tapes are the answer to prevent slips and falls in any workplace environment. Our selection of mineral abrasive anti-slip grit surface offers the traction you need while our pressure sensitive adhesive offers the versatility to be applied in both interior and exterior applications.

They meet and exceed OSHA and ADA federal guidelines. 

Examples include: 

  • Anti-Slip Black Tape 
  • White Anti-Slip Tape 
  • Mop Top Grey Anti-Slip Tape 
  • Glowing Non-Slip Tape 
  • Tape Treads 
  • Die-Cut Anti-Slip Flooring Tape 
  • Master Stop Aluminum Tape Tread 

Many customers prefer:

Hazard Stripe Treads: Make your safety solutions stand out with anti-slip hazard stripe treads from Sure-Foot. 

Reflective Treads: Increase awareness in poorly lit areas with our reflective or glow-stripe treads – made with a mineral abrasive grit-coated polyester film to provide maximum traction. 

Slogan Treads: These anti-slip slogan treads offer the protection of our Master Stop line with the added awareness of caution slogan to catch attention. The pressure sensitive adhesive backing with removable liner offers the versatility to be applied in both interior and exterior applications. 

Sure-Foot also offers a retail product line: SKID GUARDTMtapes and stair treads. The products are available in a range of widths and lengths and are well-suited for any area. Both our six-inch and three-inch treads feature reflective stripes to provide illumination for even more safety

Why Our Anti-Slip Tape Products Are So Appealing

1. Safety of Workers and Visitors

Safety is the first priority in any setting, including public and workplace areas. Our anti-slip tape products are made especially to improve safety by offering better traction on all kinds of surfaces. The following are the main advantages that directly improve visitor and employee safety:

Enhanced Traction: Even in damp or slick circumstances, the textured surface of our anti-slip tape greatly increases grip and lowers the chance of slips and falls.

Versatile Application: We help to increase safety in a variety of situations because it can be used on a broad range of surfaces, such as walkways, ramps, stairs, and more.

Quick and Simple Installation: End users and distributors value how easy installation is. Our anti-slip tape provides an instant safety solution and is easy to use.

2. Reduce the Probability of Legal Actions

Accidents involving slips and falls may result in pricey legal fees and liabilities. Distributors can assist their clients in reducing these hazards by offering our anti-slip tape. By using our tape to address safety proactively, companies and property owners lessen the likelihood that accidents occurring on their property would result in legal ramifications.

3. Increase Profits and Productivity

Enhancements in safety result in improved earnings and increased productivity for companies. When staff members and guests feel safe and comfortable when navigating areas, they may concentrate on their work without worrying about slips and falls. Lower injury rates also translate into fewer lost workdays due to injuries, which boosts output and strengthens the bottom line.

4. Anti-Slip Tape Longevity

Anti-slip tape can be long lasting when used in the right environment.

Surface Condition: The state of the underlying surface affects the effectiveness of anti-slip tape. A damaged or uneven surface could prevent the tape from adhering correctly.

Extreme circumstances: Anti-slip tape complements other safety measures, including signs or when applying sand or salt in exceptionally icy or snowy settings.

Maintenance: To guarantee the anti-slip tape’s long-term value, regular cleaning and maintenance are essential.

An Option for the Most Extreme Needs

Master Stop™ Extreme tapes and treads are Sure-Foot’s strongest peel and stick anti-slip products. From offshore marine applications to the transportation industry, this specially designed pressure sensitive adhesive material can prevent slips, trips, and falls in the harshest environments. 

Made with a proprietary formula, Master Stop™ Extreme tapes & treads are specifically designed to out-perform standard anti-slip tapes. Master Stop™ Extreme’s multi-climate durable design is ideal for demanding applications where safety is a must (including outdoor settings). 

Features a specially designed pressure sensitive adhesive (50% stronger than standard anti-slip tapes) with a removable liner, and a multi-layer grit embedding process lengthens product life. 

Available in Black or Safety Yellow Standard Grit, and Black or Safety Yellow Coarse Grit. 

Sectors and Industries that Reply on Anti-Slip Tape

We provide anti-slip tape that is used in many different sectors and industries.

Manufacturing: Enhance safety in manufacturing and warehousing facilities, distribution centers, and warehouses.

Healthcare Facilities: Make sure that all personnel, guests, and patients in clinics, hospitals, and assisted living facilities are safe.

Retail: Lower the chance of mishaps in shops and shopping centers to improve the experience of shopping.

Hospitality: Provide a secure atmosphere for visitors to lodging establishments, restaurants, and resorts.

Education: Preserve the safety of faculty, staff, and students in K-12 schools, colleges and universities.

Transportation: Make sure all stairwells, ramps, and platforms have safe traction.

Commercial buildings: Lower the chance of falls on walkways and scaffolding to increase safety on building sites.

The variety and quality of our anti-slip tapes sets us apart from other options for diverse applications. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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