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Sure-Foot’s HOME ESSENTIALS line of anti-slip tapes are designed for use in and around the home. These products utilize unique grit blends applied to a pressure sensitive adhesive which provides an industrial strength non-slip surface without the look and feel of aggressive industrial tapes. These specialized safety products are now available in five (5) distinct colors that can be used on a wide variety of surfaces such as accessibility ramps, decks, pool areas, pet ramps and interior steps.

Master Stop® Safety Tapes and Treads are made with a proprietary blend of fine abrasive grit adhered to polyester film to provide maximum slip resistance while appealing to today’s savvy consumers. The pressure sensitive adhesive backing with removable liner offers the versatility to be applied in both interior and exterior applications. Suitable for pet use and barefoot traffic, the Home Essentials Collection provides superior anti-slip products to match almost any décor.

White Anti-Slip Tape Roll
Brown Anti-Slip Tape
Beige Anti-Slip Tape
27 Mop Top Black Anti-Slip Tape
Mop Top Grey Anti-Slip Tape
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