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Anti-Slip Flooring

The dangers inherent in slippery walkways, loading platforms, or other work areas can expose a business to significant liabilities, making it imperative to act to prevent such accidents. Slip and fall accidents cost businesses billions in compensation and medical costs each year. Furthermore, the fifth edition of Industrial Safety & Occupational Health Markets states that 85% of workers’ compensation claims result from employees slipping on slick floors.

Sure-Foot: The sure bet!

Sure-Foot Industries Corp.’s anti-slip flooring solutions offer superior protection against worker or visitor slips and falls. Our anti-slip flooring products for industrial and commercial applications are second to none in their ability to safeguard businesses against injuries and the liability they represent.

While liability is one concern, slips and falls can disrupt productivity, upset schedules, and negatively affect company morale. Sure-Foot Industries has the answer to all these issues. We provide anti-slip flooring solutions that provide outstanding safety and security for businesses and other organizations.

Anti-slip vinyl stair treads. Stair treads often require special consideration as far as anti-slip measures are concerned. Sure-Foot’s anti-slip vinyl stair tread covers provide a safe and secure solution for businesses and organizations when it comes to protecting stairwell traffic. Cost-effective and good-looking, these vinyl stair treads feature long-term durability and safety while reducing the negative effects of high-volume foot traffic. They are also easy to clean.

Anti-slip stair tread and tape. Sure-Foot’s extensive line of anti-slip tapes makes any workplace or recreational area safer. Featuring mineral abrasive anti-slip grit surfaces, they provide the traction people need in rain, snow, or ice, or environments exposed to industrial lubricants or other chemicals. Made with a mineral abrasive grit-coated polyester film, Master Stop™ Safety Tapes and Treads are the answer to slip and fall problems in nearly any environment. Users can specify different grit grades, colors, and sizes to meet their specific needs, and all tapes and treads meet or exceed OSHA and ADA federal standards. From hazard tape to reflective glow tape, we have all your anti-slip needs covered.

Grit-coated fiberglass step covers for stairs and walkways. Our commercial anti-slip fiberglass step covers and walkway applications use a proprietary blend of mineral abrasive epoxy grit. Lightweight and easy to install, they are available in heavy-duty to fine grit and offer users structurally stable flooring. Sure-Foot’s fiberglass anti-slip solutions are versatile enough to be used in barefoot residential applications, as well as the harshest industrial environments.

Aluminum extrusions. Sure-Foot Industries’ BOLD STEP® aluminum extrusions are permanent anti-slip solutions. Ideal for either interior or exterior steps and landings, they resist chips and scratches as well as oil contamination, unlike open-cell porous products.

Whether you’re a business in need of anti-slip flooring solution for troublesome areas of your facility, or you’re a distributor looking for a high-quality, reliable manufacture of anti-slip products to add to your safety catalog – Contact Us to learn more about our solutions.

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