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Anti-Skid Tape for Safety

Sometimes, companies need a solution to slippery problems right now. Those times are custom-made for Sure-Foot’s Master Stop™ anti-skid tape. Customers love them because they are easy to install and go to work immediately. They make stairways, ramps, and walkway floors safe and secure for company employees and visitors, providing cost-effective protection throughout a customer’s plants and workspaces, especially those exposed to chemicals, water and heavy foot traffic.

Your customer’s antidote to slippery situations

Master Stop™ anti-slip tapes feature specially formulated mineral abrasive grit surfaces that provide traction, while the tough polyester film backing maintains its durability whether installed in interior or exterior applications. Likewise, our pressure-sensitive adhesive gives your customers the flexibility and versatility to handle even the slipperiest situations quickly and effectively.

Applications include anything from kitchens and food service areas to transportation industry problem spots or industrial workspaces prone to spillage. They also work well in slippery high-traffic pedestrian areas.

Available in a variety of colors

Customers can specify different combinations of grit materials, colors, and sizes to suit their needs, assured in the knowledge that all products meet or exceed OSHA and ADA federal requirements. Anti-skid tape is available in black, yellow-and-black, safety red, safety yellow, Mop Top™ grey, brown, beige, and even glow tape for especially hazardous areas. Our Mop Top™ tape features rounded grit particles that are easier on cleaning apparatus like mops or sponges. Master Stop™ anti-slip tapes adhere to wood, smooth concrete, metal, tile and composites, providing the safety your customers need. Resistant to water and chemicals such as oil, soap, grease and most chemicals, these tapes are designed for tough, long-term usage.

Safeguard your customers against injuries

Injuries due to slips and falls cause businesses and other organizations billions of dollars each year in claims, lost work, and other outlays. Our Master Stop™ anti-slip tape offers an extremely cost-effective solution to mitigate these accidents and your customers can easily install themselves.

To learn more about anti-skid tapes and discover how many potential accident sites your customers could eliminate, contact us.

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