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Anti-Slip Stair Treads

Workplace stairways can pose a significant safety risk if made slippery due to rain, ice, snow, or spills of lubricants or chemicals. Luckily, they are also one of the easiest areas in a plant to safeguard. Facility owners can quickly reduce the risk that stairways present by installing anti-slip stair treads from Sure-Foot Industries.

Sure-Foot’s Bold Step® aluminum stair treads represent a long-lasting solution to slippery stairs. These attractive and durable extrusions work well on interior or exterior steps and landings. Specially coated with Sure-Foot’s Bold Step® anti-slip system, which resists oil, stains, scratches, dirt, and chips, the treads come in a variety of configurations:

Renovation treads. Perfect for either renovations or new construction, the treads feature an aluminum platform with an epoxy-based filler and Sure-Foot’s proprietary blend of mineral abrasive grit, creating a tough, durable anti-slip surface. Customers can also order special glow-in-the-dark message treads that feature safety slogans, company logos, or other messages. 

Safety & hazard plates. Available in three sizes, safety plates (black only) and hazard plates (yellow and black) work well with stairs and platforms made of wood, concrete, or metal. The plates are made using extruded heat-treated exterior grade 6063 T5 aluminum. Sure-Foot’s exclusive blend of mineral abrasive grit and epoxy filler won’t easily mar, scratch, or chip but create an excellent anti-slip surface. The safety and hazard plates help facilities meet both OSHA and ADA guidelines. 

Cast aluminum. Install them retroactively or during new construction, Sure-Foot’s cast aluminum stair nosings improve the safety level of any staircase. Available in standard depths of 3 or 4 inches with a thickness of a quarter inch and in standard lengths of 36, 48, or 60 inches, Sure-Foot can also provide custom lengths to fit your needs. Designed to last the life of the stairs, the traction layer will not scrape off and the aluminum won’t warp. 

Anchor treads. Available in a variety of colors (including custom hues) and sizes up to 120 inches, the Bold Step® stair nosing anchor system is designed for high-traffic areas. It can be used on new construction and existing buildings. Designed to last the life of the building, the treads are chemically resistant and will withstand UV rays. The nosings are equally durable and effective on a variety of surfaces, including poured and precast concrete, steel-pan cement-filled stairs, and terrazzo stairs. 

Aluminum tape treads. Master Stop® tape treads consist of an aluminum extrusion inlaid with any color Sure-Foot anti-slip tape. Typically used on renovation projects to maximize safety, aluminum tape treads come in single- and double-cavity configurations. They’re available in a wide variety of colors, including glow in the dark and black and yellow hazards, and in lengths up to 120 inches. 

Cast abrasive stair nosings. Sure-Step’s cast abrasive anti-slip nosings and anchor systems are installed at the time of construction. Easily installed in freshly poured concrete, the nosings are available in either iron or aluminum. 

Contact us to learn more about Sure-Foot’s line of anti-slip stair treads or call us at (800) 522-6566.

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