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Nothing can stop progress in its tracks like a lack of traction, or a surface that is slick and tricky to navigate. A slippery floor can bring a business to its knees if it causes slips and falls combined with subsequent legal action and associated costs. Luckily there are ways to prevent this, but first it helps to examine common areas and causes of potential danger or hazards.

Structures like ramps are common in parks, office buildings, college campuses and businesses of all types to make public areas easily accessible to any individual and to conform with the Americans with Disabilities Act. These accessible surfaces, according to government mandate, must be slip resistant to minimize hazards to people with disabilities. Industrial settings also often have ramps to facilitate product movement from one level to another using a forklift or dolly. However, both ramps and flat walkways can become slick and cause slips, trips or falls. Sure-Foot Industries Corp. offers non-slip solutions that can help comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, withstand heavy, daily foot traffic and/or provide the traction and durability required in industrial settings to withstand wear and tear caused by heavier equipment. 

Slips & Falls are Common Reasons for Emergency Room Visits

The National Floor Safety Institute reports that slips and falls account for more than one million emergency room visits annually. Bone fractures are a common result. In addition, slips and falls represent the primary cause of workers’ compensation claims. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) floors and flooring materials contribute directly to more than 2 million fall injuries each year.

A trip or fall can occur anywhere. According to statistics, 30% of falls involve heights however, 67% of falls happen on the same level. Slips can be attributed to floors and flooring materials, when there is too little friction or traction between the footwear and the walking surface. Common causes can include:

  • Wet or oily surfaces
  • Occasional spills
  • Weather hazards
  • Loose, unanchored rugs or mats
  • Flooring or other surfaces that do not have the same degree of traction in all areas

Whether safeguarding steps, flat walkways or ramps, Sure-Foot can offer guidance selecting materials with the appropriate level of slip resistance. Steep inclines, high traffic or contact with liquids will make flooring unsafe and slick. Create as much traction as possible with the right anti-slip solution.

This can include:

The best anti-slip protection will not damage the current flooring surface. Anti-slip protection can either be unobtrusive or highly visible depending on customer needs.  For example, glow-in-the-dark anti-slip protection offers an extra layer of safety in dark corners, at night or during a temporary power outage.   At Sure-Foot our products are made with a proprietary blend of mineral abrasive epoxy grit that completely and safely covers surfaces.

Sure-Foot products are designed to last, to resist chips, dirt, scratches, stains and oil. And one huge differentiator is that Sure-Foot products are not common “catalog” options. We can provide customized anti-slip solutions that match the overall design of the building with custom cuts and options for the toughest environments. Sure-Foot specializes in unique situations ranging from protecting vacationers at the beach to ensuring worker safety in manufacturing environments. Trust Sure-Foot to help retain your traction with the right anti-slip solution for your office, institution or business. Contact us or request a sample of one of our products.

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