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Converters Find Sure Fit with Sure-Foot Industries Sensible Anti-slip Tape Options

You’ve nurtured your relationships with the OEMs in your region. Always professional, always delivering the right product and on time, cut, slit or converted to meet your client’s exact specifications. Now, an opportunity arises to convert anti-slip tape/material and none of your usual suppliers have the right product. Where do you turn?

Sure-Foot Industries specializes in high-quality, American made materials for custom anti-slip and safety tread applications. Whether for occupational health/safety, medical operations, automotive, transportation or fleet vehicles, sporting goods or marine use, thousands of companies and many converters trust Sure-Foot solutions. 

Decades of Experience

Sure-Foot Industries is a true manufacturer, in business since 1979. The vast majority of suppliers for anti-slip materials are middlemen or simple suppliers. Sure-Foot Industries handles your project from ground zero to finished product.

Broad Product Range

Sure-Foot Industries is the manufacturer to call upon when looking for custom product applications. Our anti-slip bulk rolls range from 25 to 52-inches wide in lengths up to 1000 feet

We offer a wide range of product types as well, from gentle grit, soft enough for bare feet, to an exclusive, heavy-duty grit suitable for off-shore oil rigs and other applications involving harsh environmental conditions. Sure-Foot manufactures all anti-slip tapes in-house.  This offers you the capability to design and engineer anti-slip tapes according to various specifications. We offer custom grits and custom colors, perfect for the OEM interested in protecting or promoting their brand identity.

Global Partner/Local Mindset

While Sure-Foot Industries supplies anti-slip materials to companies around the globe, we exercise quality control by manufacturing all of our materials in our Cleveland, Ohio facility. 100% of our anti-slip tape products are made in the USA, a point in your favor for an OEM wanting to maintain a domestic label.

You can count on Sure-Foot for:

  • High volume
  • Fast turnaround
  • Large, bulk rolls
    • 25 inches wide by up to 1,000 feet long
    • 52 inches wide by up to 1,000 feet long

Tight Margins? Breathe Easy

Sure-Foot not only has the depth of experience that converters appreciate, it has the depth of knowledge to know that margins in the converting industry matter most next to quality. Our goal is to help increase your profitability

Sure-Foot offers:

  • Economical and quick turnaround
  • Pricing designed for tight margins
    • Low purchase minimums to allow you to make the sale
    • High quantities or single roll options
    • Costs up to 25% less than the competition
    • Contract Manufacturing and Private Label programs

If converting anti-slip tape is not within your capabilities, then take a

hands-off approach. We can offer die-cutting and slitting for private label programs.  Many traditional adhesive tape convertors compliment their current offerings by distributing our standard colors and sizes.

We take the time to get to know you and your project so you may maintain a competitive advantage. Regardless of your conversion efforts, there’s a sure fit for Sure-Foot anti-slip tapes for your customer. Call Sure-Foot to ask about building a relationship with your converting operations, at 800-522-6566

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