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Anti-Slip Tape Adds To Floor Safety In Harsh Environments

When considering anti-slip flooring products, rely on Master Stop anti-slip tape for even your toughest of conditions

From offshore marine applications to the transportation industry, providing anti-slip flooring is critical for ensuring safety. As a leader in safety, Sure-Foot Industries knows that to protect your employees and customers and reduce your liability risk, you need to be proactive in preventing accidents. A great solution for preventing these slips, trips and falls in rough work environments is Master Stop™ Extreme tapes & treads. In many harsh work environments, you’ll find stairs and other hazardous areas where water or chemicals may be present. Utilizing anti-slip tapes can help employees spot dangerous areas from their peripheral vision, improving safety and decreasing the risk of slips.

With a highly-durable tape, you can ensure the working areas are kept clean without worrying about the tape losing it’s traction under the stress of a mop or broom. Sure-Foot Industries specializes in making slip-resistant tapes that offer an ideal way to minimize expenses while making your business environment safer for employees and customers. Made with a proprietary formula, our Master Stop™ Extreme tapes & treads are specifically designed to out-perform standard anti-slip tapes.

As Sure-Foot’s strongest peel and stick products, the multi-climate durable design is ideal for demanding applications where safety is a must. Give us a call at (440) 234-4446 or request an estimate today and speak with a representative about ordering our anti-slip stair tapes for your workplace!

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