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A Facility Safety Plan That Works For Everyone

At your business, facility safety has to be important for every employee. In order to commit to a solid safety strategy, there are certain things that have to happen. Sure-Foot Industries, a leader in safety, has some simple steps to follow to ensure facility safety requirements are being met in your workplace. Commit all management to the safety plan The standards of your safety plan will slip if you don’t have commitment from your entire management team.

Weaving your safety plans in to the culture of the workplace starts from the top, and with their commitment it’s easier to achieve your safety goals. By committing to this charge, managers can help prevent injuries and illnesses, reducing worker’s compensations costs and insurance charges. This safer, healthier workplace will keep workers and occupants feeling productive. The cleaning crew has to know about your safety guidelines All organizations should develop, implement and maintain a written hazard communication program for their cleaning staff.

Whether your facility is cleaning after hours or during the day, this program should address concerns such as cleaning products, chemical containers, training and general care of the building’s floors and stairs. This will help eliminate any oversight on the part of the cleaning staff. Get employee buy-in and input for your safety strategies Without a doubt, employees play the biggest and most crucial role in ensuring your safety plan is followed, every day.

Get workers involved in developing and reviewing safety programs, helping them take a sense of ownership and a feeling of deeper responsibility to follow safety protocols. At Sure-Foot industries we know how difficult it can be to implement and track thorough facility safety. Follow these guidelines when creating your safety strategy to increase your chances of success, and keep your employees safe.

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