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Preventing Slips, Trips And Falls In The Workplace

Today, costs of slips, trips and falls to employers are approximately $70 billion annually, making falls in the workplace a serious threat to your companies safety program. Slip risks can be minimized if a company has an on-going safety program that follows proper safety recommendations.

Avoiding dangerous and costly fall risks in the workplace

To help companies avoid these expenses, safety organizations have created anti-slip regulations and recommendations for walking and working surfaces. Most notably, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) have published anti-slip safety recommendations. These recommendations provide static coefficient of friction (SCOF) guidelines for walking surfaces, accessible routes, and ramps. This makes installing floor and step coverings that meet and these exceed anti-slip guidelines is an important step in protecting employees from hazardous falls, and protecting both employees and employers from related expenses. Sure-Foot Industries Corporation – a family owned organization dedicated to ensuring safety – provides numerous anti-slip products to help your company meet and exceed multiple anti-slip recommendations.

As a proud member of the National Safety Council, Sure-Foot Industries is committed to providing quality safety products. Sure-Foot Industries’ entire product line of anti-slip flooring solutions meets and exceeds multiple recommendations published by OSHA and ADA. For offshore workplaces including oil and gas rigs, Sure-Foot Industries manufactures Master Stop™ Extreme Tapes and Sure-Foot Fiberglass Step Covers & Walkways. These products are built to maintain anti-slip qualities in the harshest work and environmental conditions, making them ideal for installation on offshore rigs. Master Stop™ Extreme Tapes have superior bonding properties and are essentially unaffected by oil, grease, saltwater, mild acid and alkali exposure. Grated staircases and walkways are the perfect installation area for Sure-Foot Fiberglass Step Covers & Walkways. Both Master Stop™ Extreme Tapes and Sure-Foot Fiberglass Step Covers & Walkways meet and exceed OSHA and ADA anti-slip safety recommendations.

How you can prevent slips and falls

For slippery indoor work places, Sure-Foot Industries offer a wide array of anti-slip products. The Master Stop™ Tapes & Treads line provides an easy to install anti-slip solution for problem areas. Specialty Tape Treads are inlayed with reflective and glow stripes to add visibility and increase awareness in poorly lit areas. Hazard Striped Slogan Treads can be used to convey a message of “Caution”, “Watch Your Step”, or “Slippery When Wet”. These tapes and treads are perfect for installation on walkways, steps, and ramps. The full line of Master Stop™ Tapes & Treads is customizable based on the consumers’ needs. Sure-Foot Industries is always willing to work with clients to meet their individual anti-slip needs. Like all Sure-Foot products, Master Stop™ Tapes & Treads meet and exceed multiple recommendations published by OSHA and ADA.

Other products manufactured by Sure-Foot Industries that provide anti-slip solutions for slippery workplace problems include BOLD STEP® Renovation Stair Treads, BOLD STEP® Safety Plates, BOLD STEP® Anchor Nosings & Treads, BOLD STEP® Cast Abrasive Nosings, Master Stop™ Aluminum Tape Treads, Master Stop™ Tiles, and Rubber and Vinyl Stair Treads & Landing Tiles. Every Sure-Foot product meets and exceeds OSHA and ADA anti-slip recommendations. Installing anti-slip flooring in the workplace is only the first step to reducing employee slips, trips, and falls. Making sure you have a solid safety strategy and all employees receive proper safety training. Learn more about how Sure-Foot can provide safety and anti-slip solutions to eliminate costly fall hazards in your workplace!

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