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Developing A Winning Safety Strategy

Create A Strategy To Minimize Risk and Increase Safety

Most workers have some idea of their company’s basic safety strategy, but that doesn’t necessarily indicate a safety strategy that is well-defined and consistently followed. To experience true excellence in safety it’s important that your safety strategy be a strategic and fundamental business decision, integral to your overall operational plan.

So how do you come up with a winning safety strategy that your employees can easily understand, reference and follow? As a leader in safety, Sure-Foot Industries has the three questions you should answer when developing a safety plan. 

What are your safety goals?

To truly reach a higher level of excellence in your organization’s safety performance, it’s important to have clearly defined safety goals. Deciding what it means for your organization to be safe and what steps can make that happen sounds simple, but safety goals without direction can be discouraging for employees. Define and communicate what basic safety terms like accidents, near misses and precautions mean to your organization. From installing anti-slip stair treads to holding regular safety training reviews, be clear about what safety measures are being put in place. Make sure these safety goals are clear to your workers, and that they can easily see and refer to the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in making your safety strategy a success.

How will you structure your safety plan?

Whether you have specific positions devoted to the maintenance of your safety strategy or you’re electing a committee of employees, it’s important that your organization be structured for safety excellence. Develop a safety team that has resources to handle safety issues and communicate safety plans. If members of your safety team need any training or certifications, make sure those are completed and maintained. A good structure will mean high levels of participation and ownership among your work force.

How will success in safety be measured?

It’s easy for workers to fall out of safety compliance if they aren’t receiving feedback on their progress and maintenance. One of the most effective motivators in a complying with a safety strategy is visible progress towards specific goals. Determine how your organization will show visible progress of your strategy deployment, and how you will communicate this progress to your employees. When visible progress is communicated to workers, it reinforces proactive accountability. 

At Sure-Foot industries we know how difficult it can be to create a thorough safety strategy. We’re confident by asking yourself these questions you can develop an effective safety plan that will minimize risks and increase awareness.  

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