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Anti-Slip Decking Strips Improve Outdoor Boardwalk, Walkway Safety

Outdoor attractions in Myrtle Beach are meant to deliver lasting memories for guests while enjoying time away. But attraction owners must worry about more than a patron’s good time, as guest safety is the number one priority.  

Manmade structures like piers, boardwalks, bridges, and stairs can become slick because of proximity to the ocean and a slip and fall would take away from the experience and could cause harm or injury.  

Problem: Millions of visitors cause continued anti-slip concerns 

A big factor in selecting the best anti-slip solution for an application is the amount of regular foot traffic it must endure. A current Sure-Foot customer and educational family fun attraction in South Carolina used anti-slip tape to deliver safer footing on sometimes slick boardwalk entrances and exits. While the anti-slip tape performed better than other solutions tried previously, it showed signs of wear after millions of yearly site patrons.  

The attraction’s visitor volume required an anti-slip solution that could not only survive coastal weather and high foot traffic, but also provide superior traction year-after-year.  

While our tape product lasted longer than anything else the attraction had tried in the past, they wanted something more permanent to outfit their walkway with the caveat that it could also withstand regular power washing for cleaning.   

Solution: Fiberglass anti-slip decking strips improve slippery walkway 

Sure-Foot’s anti-slip products are engineered to offer durable and lasting protection in a variety of settings. It’s our job to recommend a solution that will withstand an end-user’s application environment for years and meet that customer’s aesthetic needs.  

Anti-slip tape provided immediate traction but showed signs of wear under the attraction’s excessive foot traffic. Sure-Foot knew that their fiberglass product would offer the durability and long-lasting performance the Myrtle Beach customer needed. The customer first tested full sheets of fiberglass and were quickly convinced of the product’s toughness but didn’t want to cover the wooden deck entirely.  

Ultimately, Sure-Foot’s newest product line proved to be the best answer to the customer’s demands. Deck strips, a fiberglass product that can be applied to individual wooden boards, not only offered long term protection but a more aesthetically pleasing look. As opposed to a full sheet of fiberglass, deck strips allow the wood to breathe and make maintenance and eventual board replacement easier.   

Implementation: Engineering a long-lasting solution 

Sure-Foot’s anti-slip decking strips are designed to provide reliable, durable and safer footing on wooden surfaces.  

The deck strips used to outfit the customer’s walkway were black, medium, 1/8-inch-thick with a lite grit blend. Due to the location of the walkway, barefoot pedestrians are crossing to reach nearby attractions. The lite grit provides enough anti-slip protection to meet OHSA and ADA Recommendations without being too aggressive on bare feet.  

The product was delivered to the park’s maintenance team ready to be installed. Each deck strip was fastened to its wooden board with 10 truss head screws. We recommended fastening every 12 inches on center and not exceeding 18 inches between screws.  

Results: Customer loves long-lasting non-slip deck strips 

The park maintenance team appreciated the way the anti-slip decking strips looked after they were installed. Aside from the attractive appearance, the quick installation and ease of routine power-washing was a big plus for the attraction’s staffers.  

No matter how many millions of patrons walk on top of the walkway, each guest will be protected on their way to making more memories and, for the park management team, that is the best result possible. 

If you are interested in the long-lasting safety benefits of Sure-Foot’s Fiberglass Deck Strip solutions, request a sample today.

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