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Heavy Duty Aluminum Stair Nosing Tips

The primary purpose for an aluminum stair nosing is to improve the safety of a staircase. They offer ancillary benefits as well, but safety is paramount. The nosing, a portion of the stair that extends over the tread, or the width of the step, is the place where our foot first comes into contact with the step.  The nosing supplies a bit of extra space for foot placement and is a common element in staircase design. 

A stair nosing can be constructed from a variety of materials or simply be incorporated as part of the stair tread. Think of a typical wooden staircase, where a portion of the steps, or the nose is incorporated into the width of the plank cut for the stair tread.  

When is Aluminum the Right Choice? 

Concrete steps pose a different challenge because with a concrete pour, it would be difficult, if not impossible to have a concrete nosing protrude over the edge of the tread. In addition, in wet or challenging environments, especially in industrial settings where concrete is the most practical and economical substrate of choice, concrete becomes very slippery. An aluminum stair nosing can supply greater traction and visibility on a set of concrete steps, reducing the possibility of slips and falls. Some finer points to consider when selecting a stair tread nosing:   


A heavy-duty, cast aluminum nosing should be made from the highest quality materials, free from holes or defects. The BOLD STEP® metal stair tread nosings from Sure-Foot are non-corrosive and feature a natural sand cast finish and surface of silicon carbide abrasive. These sturdy nosings are built to last the life of the building. The cast aluminum will not warp, bend or rust, making them suitable for both interior and exterior use.  


The grid pattern is designed to offer greater traction and to help drain water or other liquids that cause stairs to become slippery. The finish and abrasives do not wear off. The grit on the nosings is evenly distributed and the cross-hatch etchings allow for a consistent tread.  


Standard depths on stair nosings are offered in 3” and 4” with a thickness of 3/8”. Lengths are available in 36”, 48”, 60”and 72”.  


The durable surface of a cast aluminum stair nosing makes it easy to maintain with a general-purpose industrial floor cleaner. They can be cleaned with stiff bristle brush or sprayed with water force up to 1000 psi.  

Ease of Installation:  

Plan to install them on a new construction project with concrete staircases as the concrete is being poured. This is known as an embedded stair nosing and with the right fabricated materials, such as cast aluminum, should last the lifetime of the building on commercial properties. 

Rely on cast aluminum stair nosings to:  

  • Improve safety 
  • Achieve code compliance 
  • Improve step edge visibility 
  • Prevent wear and tear 
  • Reduce injuries 

Find more precise dimensions and specifications on our website, along with installation instructions. Contact us to learn more about our BOLD STEP® line of cast aluminum stair nosings.  

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