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Best Anti-Slip Stair Tread for Indoor vs. Outdoor

Selecting the Appropriate Solution for Your Environment  

Different environments play a huge role determining which anti-slip products might pose the best choice for your floors, steps, ramps and walkways. One significant point of difference is simple to identify: outdoor vs. indoor use.  

Sure-Foot Industries has decades of experience providing solutions for greater safety and more secure footing in facilities ranging from public transit stations to manufacturing facilities, offshore oil rigs, college campuses and public parks. While we evaluate many other factors in an anti-slip stair tread application, here are some common recommendations our team offers for indoor, outdoor and hybrid environments.  

Indoor Applications 

Our anti-slip floor tiles, rubber or vinyl, are designed to withstand industrial chemicals, water exposure and other potential hazards. Safely cover interior stairs with anti-slip rubber and vinyl stair tread covers. These add safety and durability and lessen the impact of foot traffic. In addition, both are easy to clean and an economical choice for anti-slip flooring. 

We offer a variety of indoor treads and tiles: 

  • Modern Stair Treads 
  • Modern Rubber Tiles 
  • Heavy Duty Rubber Treads 
  • Heavy Duty Rubber Tiles 
  • General Vinyl Treads 

Our commercial rubber stair treads come in two different designs: Modern (Raised Disc Pattern) and Heavy Duty (Raised Diamond Pattern).  

Rubber and vinyl products would never be recommended for outdoor use; they are designed for interior use only. In addition, the materials are not designed to withstand prolonged contact with ice or water on a regular basis.  


Metal and fiberglass can be utilized either indoor or outdoor. A metal anti-slip stair tread might work best in an office building environment that requires a long-lasting safety product with a more attractive finished look.  

A fiberglass stair tread or walkway application fits an industrial setting that requires durable, rugged protection. Fiberglass panels and treads are easy to install and are recommended for either solid or grated metal, concrete or wood underlayments. Fiberglass is often the safety product of choice for grated or expanded metal stairs. Expanded metal or grated stairs flex and give a bit under traffic.  Fiberglass will flex along with an open-grated step.  

Our BoldStep™ aluminum stair tread is a popular choice in colleges and universities for their durability, longevity and the ability to match school colors.  

Metal anti-slip stair tread covers are a common choice for transportation hubs such as train lines, bus stops or other transit stops, mixing and matching colors to enhance safety or provide direction. Transit stops witness heavy traffic and could be located in either an indoor or outdoor situation.  

Transit stations use the BOLD STEP™’s different color options on the edges of station platforms to indicate which line the passenger is traveling upon, such as the red line or green line.  

Outdoor Applications 

One market experiencing tremendous growth recently is the RV and boat market as consumers look for ways to enjoy the outdoors. Our Master Stop Tape Tread can be used either in an interior or exterior application and is available in multiple colors.  

Recreational vehicles have fold-out steps on the exterior to access the unit. Original equipment manufacturers incorporate anti-slip tape on recreational vehicle motor homes and boat trailers as a safety feature to protect the end user.  

Boat trailers are designed for use in and near the water, yet the surface is typically painted metal, which will be very slippery when wet.  Sure-Foot custom cuts anti-slip treads that are easy to install wherever the manufacturer anticipates people might step to load or release watercraft from a boat trailer.  

Contact Sure-Foot to recommend the appropriate anti-slip solution for any application. In addition, we offer a quick turnaround on most products. 

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