Master Stop™ Extreme Tapes & Treads

Master Stop™ Extreme tapes & treads are Sure-Foot's strongest peel and stick anti-slip products. From offshore marine applications to the transportation industry, this specially designed pressure sensitive adhesive material is capable of preventing slips, trips, and falls in the harshest environments.
Made with a proprietary formula, Master Stop™ Extreme tapes & treads are specifically designed to out-perform standard anti-slip tapes. Master Stop™ Extreme's multi-climate durable design is ideal for demanding applications where safety is a must. 

Available Sizes

Standard Die-Cut Sizes: 6" x 24"; 3" x 24"; 6" x 36"

Custom sizing available upon request.

Recommended Uses

Offshore marine applications, oil and gas rigs, heavy traffic areas, work areas loading docks, stairways, ramps, walkways, bleachers, and heavy equipment.

Product Description

Specially designed pressure sensitive adhesive (50% stronger than standard anti-slip tapes) with removable liner. Multi-layer grit embedding process lengthens product life.


Meets and exceeds OSHA and ADA federal recommendations.

Informational Product Documents

Master Stop™ Extreme Tape Sell Sheet

Black Standard Grit

Safety Yellow Standard Grit

Black Coarse Grit

Safety Yellow Coarse Grit