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Maintaining a safe working environment for every employee is an essential obligation. Sure-Foot makes it easy to protect your employees from slips, trips or falls inexpensively while also clearly marking any hazards.

Anti-slip tapes from Sure-Foot are the answer and the solution to help prevent accidents in any workplace environment – wet, dry, low-light and more.

Our innovative assortment of mineral-abrasive, anti-slip, grit surfaces creates highly effective non-slip strips for stairs. They offer the traction that workers need. Our pressure-sensitive adhesives offers the versatility to enable these stair strips to be applied in both interior and exterior applications.

We feature anti-slip strips for stairs and other potentially hazardous areas that are dispensed as tape rolls and tread panels in a variety of different colors and textures for various applications.

Our non-slip stair tape treads come in different colors, while our glow traction tape is ideal for dark locations where eyesight is limited. Employees can easily spot the tape with their peripheral vision, and the finished surface is designed to minimize slips while improving traction. Our abrasive tapes are perfect for anti-slip stair strips or for hazardous areas where water or chemicals may be present to create slippery environments.

Master Stop™ Safety Tapes and Treads

Made with a mineral-abrasive grit-coated polyester film, Master Stop™ safety tapes and treads address slip-and-fall problems in any work environment. Varieties of materials, colors and sizes are available to meet your specific needs – both safety-wise and aesthetically.

Our Master Stop Extreme tapes and treads are our strongest peel-and-stick anti-slip products and have been designed and engineered for demanding environments. These non-slip tapes form strips and treads for stairs and ramps. They hold up in exterior and severe marine applications.

All of the anti-slip tapes from Sure-Foot meet and exceed OSHA and ADA federal standards. From hazard tape to aluminum non-slip tape treads, we have all of your anti-slip safety priorities covered. Sure-Foot even manufactures custom slogan tape for numbers, logos or messaging to allow for extra visibility in harsh conditions.

To ensure that working areas can be kept clean and hygienic, we produce Mop-Top anti-slip tapes in black or grey that are compatible and durable when used with cleaning supplies. These anti-slip tapes for stairs, walkways, ramps minimize the friction between a mop head and a floor while providing traction that can keep employees safe from accidents.

Black Anti-Slip Tape for Stair Strips and More

Master Stop anti-slip tapes from Sure-Foot are a great solution for preventing slips and falls in any work environment. Sure-Foot provides these state-of-the-art, abrasive, adhesive tapes in four distinct blacks. Their unique grit-coatings allow the tapes to be used in a variety of applications, for both interior and exterior settings. Use them for anti-slip strips for stairs, as safety markings on walkways, or to provide additional traction on any pedestrian surface where slips and falls can occur.

Our abrasive anti-slip tapes are precision-cut to tight tolerances, allowing for precise applications where measurements matter. Sure-Foot also offers special-order die-cut pieces in a variety of grit materials for use as stair strips and treads.

These tapes are manufactured with a made-to-last, pressure-sensitive adhesive backing as well as removable liners for easy application on your facility floors and stairways. They include Mop Top Black, Silica Carbide Black, Heavy Duty AO and FAS Black.

Color Options for Anti-Slip Stair Strips

Sure-Foot’s Master Stop anti-slip, abrasive and adhesive safety tape strips are available in a wide variety of lengths and widths, colors, and shapes. Use them to create visual awareness on stairs and in areas that require extra attention and to guard against slips and falls. Examples include clear non-slip tape, safety yellow, safety red, yellow and black hazard tape, and even green glow tape for low-light scenarios.

Sure-Foot specializes in making slip-resistant, abrasive tapes for treading and non-slip stair strips, offering an ideal strategy to minimize expense while making your business environment safer for all your employees and your customers 24/7. We are committed to supplying anti-slip tapes to meet any specifications for multiple industries. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff is happy to discuss your options.

We have the anti-slip traction tape strips you need for stairs and to keep other parts of facilities safe and accident-free.

Contact us and speak with a representative about ordering our traction tapes to use as anti-slip strips for stairs, walkways, ramps, platforming, loading docks – anywhere there may be a safety concern. You can also request a sample of our non-slip products.

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