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Given the importance of safety in workplaces and public facilities, it is essential that the right products be in place to protect workers and visitors.

Sure-Foot Industries offers high quality vinyl stair treads, which can help guard against slips. Injuries can lead to negative consequences, including potential lawsuits, loss of worker productivity, and expensive workers’ compensation claims. Installing slip-resistant vinyl stair treads is the first step towards a safer environment for everyone.

We offer anti-slip products for almost any high-traffic stairway at affordable prices. The general design vinyl stair tread comes in a 12″ deep molded vinyl ribbed pattern to cover the impact zone and improve safety. Vinyl stair treads improve the appearance of stairways, add safety and durability, and decrease foot traffic noise. Our vinyl stair treads are made from robust, longwearing material. Sure-Foot vinyl stair treads are ideal for light industrial, commercial, and institutional buildings. These easy-to-maintain-and-clean treads are also very resistant to soil and stains when used in office buildings, government buildings, sports complexes, slippery parking-garage staircases, and manufacturing facilities.

Sure-Foot also prides itself in providing products that improve safety without compromising appearance. The grey, sand, brown, and back stair treads feature raised horizontal ribs for excellent traction and a stylish look that allows dirt and moisture to fall between the ribs, while maintaining traction to support secure footing in slippery situations. If noise is a concern, these vinyl stair treads muffle the sound of frequent footsteps to acceptable levels.

Sure-Foot offers grey and brown stair treads with inlaid grit strips that take anti-slip technology to a whole new level. Grit strip vinyl stair treads modernize and restore all types of stairways, while also providing excellent anti-slip protection, especially in wet conditions.

Every product that Sure-Foot makes exceeds OSHA standards and other governing boards’ guidelines for coefficient of friction.

Sure-Foot offers a guide to help determine which anti-slip solution is recommended for different surfaces/environments. Consult the guide to evaluate traffic and the environment for the best anti-slip solution on stairs, walkways, and ramps. Or, call Sure-Foot today at 800-522-6566 for a consultation.

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