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Commercial Step Covers: Types, Uses and More

Slips and falls represent billions of dollars in worker’s compensation claims or lawsuit filings. Slippery steps can occur in any setting, from schools to public transportation facilities, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, entertainment venues as well as public parks.  

Stairs and walkways with uneven surfaces or those exposed to an environment that causes them to get wet or icy account for most of these slips or falls. There are numerous factors to consider that are unique to your given application when selecting safety products.  

Deciding factors include stairs or walkway usage, the amount of traffic in a given setting and environment, which could mean outdoor elements like rain and snow or slippery substances spilled or tracked inside a facility.  You can mitigate these hazards by investing in commercial grade anti-slip solution designed to augment the surface of steps and walkways by supplying greater traction and more secure footing. Which type of commercial step cover might best solve your problem? Consider the following options:

Types of Anti Slip Products Available 

Fiberglass Stair Treads 

These grit-coated fiberglass step covers are fabricated with a proprietary blend of mineral abrasive epoxy grit embedded to fire-retardant fiberglass, to provide surfaces with slip resistance, durability and permanence. Fiberglass stair treads or walkway panels are lightweight and easy to install on wood, concrete or metal surfaces. Select a model with the nose in bright safety yellow to alert pedestrians and workers to the end of the step or walkway for additional safety. Four grit-coated surfaces are available, including heavy duty, medium, lite and fine.  

Fiberglass Deck Strips 

These deck strips are made of fiberglass coated with various levels of grit or texture to serve installation purposes from bare feet residential situations to heavy-duty industrial applications. Suitable for any surface including wood, aluminum, metal or concrete, the grit-coated deck plates supply an extra level of safety and are available in seven colors. Standard sizes include 2” or 4” widths in lengths of up to 144 inches.  

BOLD STEP® Aluminum Stair Treads

For a rugged, durable and permanent solution, Sure-Foot Industries’ BOLD STEP® extruded aluminum metal stair treads resist chips, dirt, scratches and oil. Choose from one of our standard profiles to match your building’s architectural style. Available in a variety of widths, the length can be customized to fit your specifications. Various styles allow for the insertion of 7 colors or a Photoluminescent (Glow-in-the-Dark) stripe or patterns to alert pedestrians to safety hazards or to color match corporate branding. Predrilled countersunk holes allow for easy installation.  

Options include: 

  • Renovation Treads 
  • Safety plates 
  • Aluminum tape treads 
  • Anchor treads  

Rubber and Vinyl Stair Treads

The rubber and vinyl stair treads offer an economical and attractive solution, with molded patterns that allow for easy cleaning. Available in a variety of colors and patterns to complement existing décor. We offer: 

  • Modern stair treads 
  • Modern rubber tiles  
  • Heavy duty rubber treads 
  • Heavy duty rubber tiles 
  • General vinyl treads 

Installation methods and suggested cleaning procedures vary depending on the type of commercial step cover or stair tread selected. All of the options are easy to install and maintain. Proper preparation of the surface prior to installation is key to effective adherence for any safety product. Detailed specifications for each product can be found on our technical data sheets.  Contact us to find out more about commercial step cover options to make your facility a safer environment.

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