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Guard against slips and falls with the protection afforded by stair tread covers from Sure-Foot Industries Corp. 

We manufacture the vast majority of our products in the United States at our facilities in Ohio, with a focus on quality, dependability, and performance. 

Stair tread covers can be fabricated from a variety of different materials and offer progressive levels of protection for the desired level of traction. Factors that help determine the right choice of stair tread cover grit and level of durability can include the environment, amount of traffic and location where the stair tread covers will be installed.  

Design can also play a role, as many of our stair tread types are customizable in terms of length and colors. 

The variety of colors available can serve multiple purposes, including our glow-strips, which help visual acuity in dark corners or in case of a power outage. Stair tread covers with colorful insert strips can provide identification and directional purposes or flatter building aesthetics and match corporate branding while offering more secure footing.  

Key benefits that stair treads provide: 

  • Help maintain a safe environment for workers, students, guests and general public 
  • Make it easier to identify hazards 
  • Supply excellent traction 
  • Durable and long-lasting 
  • Able to complement existing architecture 
  • Constructed from high-quality materials 
  • Customizable for length and color

Master Stop™ Safety Treads help protect against slips and falls in any environment. Varieties of grit materials, colors and sizes are available to meet specific needs. All of our treads meet and exceed OSHA and ADA guidelines for coefficient of friction.  

Our Bold Step® aluminum extruded stair tread delivers a permanent, attractive solution for both interior or exterior steps and landings. The superior coating system resists chips, dirt, scratches and oil for supreme durability. 

Epoxy fillers are available in several different colors to provide added flexibility. The cast abrasive nosings are available in aluminum in both three- and four-foot lengths. Count on finding these quality features in this type of stair tread covers:  

  • Extremely durable 
  • Extruded aluminum filled with abrasive epoxy 
  • Lengths of 12’-144” long (customizable) 
  • Depths of 2.6”-11” 
  • Predrilled holes for ease of installation 
  • Offered in seven colors plus glow in the dark (front 2-inch channel) 
  • Fits international building codes for photoluminescence 

They are capable of handling heavy traffic perfect for: 

  • Transit systems  
  • Theme parks
  • Exterior environments  
  • Airports 

Schools and Universities 

We offer blanket orders for large projects, which allows for staged installation of stair tread covers. They are invoiced when treads are shipped, so cash is not tied up. 

Our broad selection of American made stair treads is sure to fit almost any situation that requires extra protection against slips and falls. Call us today at 800-522-6566 with your specifications or project needs.  

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