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Commercial Rubber Stair Treads – How to Choose

Choosing products with the correct level of slip resistance for your application is no easy task. For instance, a coating designed to withstand foot traffic is different than the coating needed to take on heavy industrial traffic such as forklift trucks. The right anti slip product is essential to minimize the risk of accidents and keep people safe. Sure-Foot provides a guide to our variety of anti-slip flooring solutions like commercial rubber stair treads. Learn what you should consider when making your decision.

Grit-Coated Fiberglass Step Covers & Walkways

Sure-Foot Fiberglass Walkways far exceed slip resistance recommendations published by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Constructed with 0.125” thick fire retardant fiberglass (FRP) and coated with a proprietary blend of mineral abrasive epoxy grit, these step covers and walkways are ideal for installation on structurally sound ramps, inclines and walkways. They are designed to uphold their anti-slip qualities throughout their lifetime, and withstand the heavy foot traffic and harsh working conditions.

Anti-Slip Vinyl and Rubber Stair Treads

An easy solution protect your employees and customers while reducing your liability risk is vinyl and rubber stair treads. Non-slip stair treads provide safe interior stair coverings in any building with pedestrian traffic. Both economical and attractive, our stair treads add safety, durability, lessen the impact of foot traffic and offer ease of cleaning on any stairway.

ANTI-Slip Industrial Flooring Tiles

Our line of Master Stop™ slip-resistant tiles provide maximum drainage, safe footing and comfort for staff and guests. Sure-Foot offers two anti-slip safety mats, both designed with special anti-fatigue properties – while also being resistant to industrial chemicals, water exposure and other potential hazards.

To speak with one of our representatives about commercial rubber stair treads for your needs, call (440) 234-4446 or request an estimate today.

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