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Outdoor Metal Stair Treads

Without the right provisions, outdoor stairways can become serious safety concerns. Rain, snow, sleet, and ice – the winter elements can make negotiating a flight of outdoor stairs a hazardous undertaking. Add to this the potential for lubricant and chemical spills and the potential for liability risk skyrockets, especially when the stairway handles high volumes of people. The solution to slips and falls is Sure-Foot Industries’ outdoor metal stair treads. 

 A wide variety of venues and organizations can benefit from specifying metal stair treads, including schools, universities, mass transit stations, airports, arenas, and of course businesses and office complexes. They can be installed during building construction or retrofitted later. They work well for outdoor stairways, but they’re also ideal for interior stairs, ramps, floors, walkways, and platforms. 

Sure-Foot’s Bold Step® Solution 

Sure-Foot’s Bold Step® technology enables our metal stair treads to provide long-term durability and solid skid-free performance. Our Bold Step® closed-cell epoxy system resists chips, dirt, scratches, and oils and is available in extruded aluminum with single or double channels or cast aluminum treads and nosings.  

This rugged combination of Bold Step® innovation and aluminum’s durability works well for high-traffic public venues and industrial sites as well.  The embedded epoxy will not scrape off and the aluminum does not warp, or rust, making it an ideal choice for exterior applications where it can provide safe footing in any type of weather while supplying a long-lasting solution. The cast aluminum nosings, for example, are designed to last the life of a new building.  

Available in multiple colors or glow-in-the-dark! 

Available in a variety of colors (including school colors) or with glow-in-the-dark inserts for safe use during blackouts or other low-light emergencies, Sure-Foot’s outdoor metal stair treads provide the protection, durability, and cost-effectiveness organizations need.  One key difference between Sure-Foot and the competition is our greater flexibility. Companies and organizations that conduct regular repairs, tread rotations, or plan to install large numbers of treads can spread their orders out over time, for example. Learn more about Sure-Foot’s Bold-Step® outdoor metal stair treads by contacting us today! 


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