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Made with mineral-abrasive, grit-coated polyester films, Master Stop™ Non-Slip Stair Treads from Sure-Foot Industries are the answer to slip and fall problems in any commercial, industrial, or municipal environment.

Wet conditions caused by inclement weather, humidity-rich environments or hazardous work conditions greatly increase the chances for slips and falls that lead to bodily injuries. To reduce the occurrence of these injuries and the medical or even legal costs associated with them, facility owners and operators want the best in anti-slip floor tapes and stair tread covers. Master Stop specialty non-slip stair treads are a unique product created by Sure-Foot – experts in safety for the work environment since 1979. Our traction tapes and stair tread covers offer safety and visibility in areas that require extra attention, visibility and precaution.

All Sure-Foot stair treads and safety tapes feature different varieties of grit materials, colors and lengths and widths that are available to meet specific needs in terms of utilization and environment. Sure-Foot tapes and non-slip stair treads also meet and exceed OSHA and ADA federal standards. From black and yellow or red and white hazard stair treads to reflective non-slip stair treads, Sure-Foot has all your anti-slip facility needs covered. Sure-Foot even manufactures slogan stair treads with wording, logos or numbers to allow for extra visibility in harsh conditions.

Ready to learn more? Please reach out and contact Sure-Foot to get started. You may also request a free sample of our stair treads and tapes to see our heavy-duty, commercial quality for yourself.

Hazard Non-Slip Treads

Make your safety solutions at your facility really stand-out with non-slip stair treads from Sure-Foot featuring hazard stripes.

Our Master Stop hazard stripe non-slip treads include options like yellow and black or red and white are a perfect solution to prevent slips and falls where safety is a must and high visibility is a key. Fabricated from mineral-abrasive, grit-coated polyester films, each stair tread comes with a pressure-sensitive adhesive protected by an easy-to-remove covering liner on one side for easy application on stairways, ramps, walkways and more. These hazard stair tread covers are a safe, affordable solution for increasing awareness in zones that require extra attention with highly visible hazard stripes that are hard to miss.

Contact us to order today, or request a sample and test them out before ordering.

Heavy Duty Black Non-Slip Stair Treads

Sure-Foot presents strong, anti-slip safety stair treads in classic coloring that are made to last.

Sure-Foot’s heavy-duty black stair treads are fabricated to endure years of foot traffic that your facility dishes out. Slips and falls are far too common in the workplace for many reasons. Our durable stair tread covers help to address this safety problem. As a leader in workplace safety, Sure-Foot offers our Master Stop anti-slip tapes and stair treads as a professional, affordable, easy way to reduce accidents and mishaps. Our Master Stop adhesive, abrasive-grit products come in a variety of grit materials, colors, and lengths and widths to meet whatever specific safety concerns you may have when it comes to foot traffic and your workers and customers. Learn more about our anti-slip tapes, treads and flooring.

Request a sample to see for yourself, or contact us to get started with Sure-Foot products today.

Reflective and Glow Stripe Anti-Slip Stair Tread Covers

Increase attention and awareness in poorly-lit or low-light areas for better safety with our reflective or glow-stripe stair tread covers.

For stairs and low-lit areas of your factory, facility or workplace, these are the non-slip stair treads that you need! In the event of a power outage or in dark conditions, Sure-Foot’s yellow-reflective and glow-green anti-slip stair treads are highly effective for lighting dark corridors or pathways for exits. Made from our Master Stop line of abrasive, adhesive materials and chemicals, our non-slip stair treads offer the versatility to be applied in both interior and exterior scenarios.

Request a sample to see for yourself, or contact us to get started with Sure-Foot products today.

Slogan Anti-Slip Stair Tread

Sure-Foot’s Master Stop line of stair reads are made with a mineral-abrasive, grit-coated polyester film to provide maximum traction for durable safety in workplaces and facilities all across North America. Our customizable slogan stair treads add numbers, wording or logos to the mix for a branded safety experience.

The pressure-sensitive adhesive backing with a removable liner offers the versatility to be applied in both interior and exterior applications. These non-slip slogan stair treads offer the protection of our Master Stop line of safety products as well as the added value of caution slogans that catch the attention of workers and customers.

Ready to begin with Sure-Foot? Please contact us with questions or to place an order. You may also request a sample of our stair treads and safety tapes to see how they perform before you place an order.

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