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How Anti Slip Tape Keeps Workers Safe in the Oil & Gas Industry

Oil and gas is one of the fastest growing labor sectors, and with growth comes more liability.

2017 report showed the oil and gas industry has one of the highest rates of severe injury. With the sector’s constant growth, these injuries will continue to plague workers and cause slowed production, excess time off, long-term disability or even death.

You cannot eliminate the uncertainty surrounding labor-intensive jobs like those in the oil and gas industry but knowing about environmental hazards can help mitigate some of the dangers that lead to critical error and injury.

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Like so many other industries, prominent workplace hazard in the oil and gas industry lead to a slip, trip, or fall.

According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA), most general industry accidents happen due to slips, trips, and falls. They also cause 15% of accidental workplace fatalities, second only to motor vehicles.

Slips, trips, and falls don’t just impact the worker, but they constitute a considerable amount of workers’ compensation and medical bills, over $70 billion yearly in the U.S., according to the National Safety Council.

Environments vary, but whether a workplace is involved in discovering, producing, obtaining, refining or distributing oil or gas, the ground can become slick from various liquids.

The combination of oil and water on steel surfaces can be a recipe for disaster for workers hustling through high traffic areas.

While metal products in these types of environments are often covered in slip resistant coatings, these coatings can quickly wear away in a short time when exposed to the harsh conditions of the oil and gas industry like offshore fracking sites.

Another issue that must be considered in these environments is exposure to diverse elements that can cause metal platforms to both rust and corrode. Things like salt water will only further the chance of equipment breakdowns and workplace injury.

Companies should invest in a well-planned strategy for workplace safety to combat these continuously dangerous situations.

Products like Sure-Foot’s anti-slip tapes are an excellent addition to surfaces that see heavy traffic or areas that are prone to accumulating moisture. For environments with extreme heat, cold, ocean exposure, increased foot traffic or other more strenuous factors, Master Stop EXTREME Tapes offers added adhesion and anti-slip safety.

Sure-Foot is also known for its fiberglass products, including step covers and walkway applications as well as product customization. Sure-Foot creates products that fit specifications for each customer, helping to increase and promote safety.

Vehicle Accidents

Accidents and incidents involving work vehicles continue to be a significant portion of workplace injury in the oil and gas industry.

For example, a vehicle could be driven to pipelines or pumping stations. Others could transport oil and gas. In addition, workers could be struck by work vehicles or machinery.

Many of these incidents can be attributed to carelessness due to employee fatigue. Long shifts, physically challenging work, and overexertion can lead to reduced awareness of workers.

Having safety signs, protective barriers and the proper warning labels on machinery can help to minimize these incidents. Adequate training for employees working with this equipment will make them more aware of the dangers they encounter in the workplace.

Injuries in the oil and gas industry will never be entirely preventable. But they can be limited with the proper safety planning, procedures, and safety products.

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