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Metal Stair Treads

Workplace safety is vital for good health and good business, and your customers rely on the products you carry to keep their employees, customers and visitors safe – especially on indoor and outdoor stairs. Workplace accidents can be mitigated when you take the right precautions, and metal stair treads can help.  At Sure-Foot Industries, we manufacture numerous floor safety products, including indoor and outdoor metal stair treads that can help your customers prevent injuries due to trips, slips and falls.   

Our metal stair treads can be coated or taped for gritty, abrasive, long-lasting foot traction where it’s needed most.  Both options make our metal stair treads resist wear and tear that could cause other stair safety products to become slick and dangerous.  Good grip is important, and so is image.  The good news is that our robust manufacturing capabilities allow us customize metal stair treads to match the look of any facility– adding stripes or colors to call out hazards while matching tile, carpet, painted concrete or other flooring material.   

At Sure-Foot Industries, all of our metal stair treads are made in America and meet, or exceed, ADA and OSHA guidelines for grip.  Take a look at some of our most popular treads that can help your customers stay safe on any staircase at their facilities.

BOLD STEP® Aluminum Stair Treads for Renovation  

These stair treads are made of durable aluminum and provide permanent foot traction for renovation applications.  They feature our BOLD STEP® coating system that resists oil, dirt, scratches and chips better than open cell porous options on the market. 

BOLD STEP® Stair Treads for Concrete Stairs 

These metal stair treads are made of durable aluminum and anchored directly into poured and precast concrete.  They feature our proprietary mineral 

abrasive anti-slip epoxy-filler for outstanding grip, and they are available in a variety of colors and sizes.  These metal stair treads are also perfect for both new and renovation projects.   

To determine which metal stair treads your customers need, consider the location of their stairways, the amount and type of foot traffic, any environmental factors (snow, rain, ice … etc.), exposure to slippery or oily substances, budget, aesthetics and any local building codes. 

Give us a call today at (800) 522-6566 or contact us to learn more about how we can help you with your metal stair treads.  We’re here to assist you, and our team members are ready to help!   

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