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Master Stop Tapes Top 10 Questions

Learn about Master Stop anti-slip tape products, which are available through Sure-Foot Industries.

1. What surfaces can the tape be applied to?

Any area that requires safe footing. Examples: stairways, ramps, machine shops, industrial equipment work areas, trucks, almost any Clean, Flat and Dry surface. Do not apply this tape over large cracks, grout lines or spaces between planks or wood.

2. How is the tape applied?

Clean the surface with a standard industrial cleaner, removing all oils, grease and dirt. If painted, scrap to remove all loose paint. Allow surface to dry completely. Surface temperature must be above 50˚F. Cut tape to desired size, using a box cutter type knife on the paper side of the material. It is suggested that you round all corners. Remove the release liner (paper) and apply. Press or roll tape to adhere adhesive to surface. Treated lumber requires 1 year to cure. Metal surface should have no oil present. This product is NOT for use on Asphalt.

3. Do you need to use a primer or edge sealer with this product?

The use of a primer or edge sealer is not required nor are they offered by our company. Our adhesive is designed for Industrial and OEM applications which are traditionally stronger applications. If the customer feels the need to prime the surface, no harm will be caused to Master Stop tapes. Verify surface is prepared with a suitable primer specified for their surface.

** This tape can NOT be applied to uneven surfaces or for bridging gaps between wood planks

4. Is the tape chemically resistance? If so, to what?

Yes, Master Stop anti-slip tape is resistance to standard chemical exposures. Some of the chemicals include Oil, Gasoline, Soap, Grease and Water.

5. Are the tapes ADA compliant?

Our tapes do comply with ADA standards. Please remember that another point of the ADA is to create a contrast which helps point out the edge of each step. Not only would our Hazard and our colors assist in this, we also offer a die-cut 6” x 24” treads (cleats) with a Reflective or Glow stripe.

6. What Colors do your offer?

We have 5 distinct Blacks ranging in color as well as size, which help create the difference between our Standard and Heavy Duty blacks.

Our Colors consist of: White, Grey, Brick Red, Clear, Brown, Beige, Yellow, Glow-in-the-Dark, Safety Red, Mop-Top White and Mop-Top Grey.

Specialty Products: Reflective Stripe, Glow Stripe, Caution, Watch your Step

7. Can you do specialty products, like Logo’s?

We are always interested in creating new items. We have the capability to print in 2 different formats enabling us to accomplish just about anything. Please explain to your customer that this would require a rather large commitment from them. We will always work with you to see if a job is possible.

8. Does the tape have a shelf life?

This product has a shelf life up to 2 years from the date of sale without having a negative effect on the adhesive.

9. Can the tape be installed in freezers?

Yes, this product can be used in freezers. However, the freezer must be shut down and surface brought up to at least 50˚F for installation. It is highly suggested that the freezer remain off for 12 hours before turning back on.

10. What is the difference between the Standard and the Mop-Top?

Our standard tape has an ant-slip surface created with mineral abrasive grit that is uneven in nature. The Mop-Top anti-slip surface is created using rounded grit particles. Both materials offer the same anti-slip traction, but Mop-Top is better for cleaning with sponges, mops and bare skin exposure.

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