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Slip-and-Fall Hazards in the Marine Environment

Boats and vessels are highly likely to contain hazardous surfaces causing trips and falls. Take an extra safety step with anti-slip products. Given the exposure to wet and hazardous flooring in the marine environment, and the quick motions of a vessel, slips and falls are a significant source of personal injuries among employees working on floating equipment. The deck floors in the marine environment are rarely horizontal, and frequently slippery. There are almost always motions, and can contain structural deformations in the trim and walkways created during or after construction. Because the marine environment introduces several additional factors in slip-and-fall accidents, there are a variety of products that can provide slip resistance.

Products that provide slip-resistance on boats and vessels

As a leading expert in safety, Sure-Foot understands that the health and safety of your employees is a top priority. Workplace injuries can lead to many negative consequences, including potential lawsuits, lost productivity, and expensive worker’s compensation payouts. To prevent this we offer a range of products from anti-slip tapes and grit-coated fiberglass walkways to help you and your employees rise above hazardous walking conditions in high traffic areas. With our wide array of anti-slip products, Sure-Foot Industries is your one stop shop for a safer work environment for your employees and customers.

Sure-Foot Industries Corporation provides anti-slip products that are sure to make your vessel safer. We also have products that are designed to aid new construction projects, including casts and anchors. These carefully designed, durable products are guaranteed to meet your satisfaction. Give us a call at (440)234-4446 or request a product sample to take the first step toward a safer workplace

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