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FRP Strips

A misstep on a wet or greasy floor, deck, or platform can quickly spell big trouble for you or your company. The consequences can range from visitor or worker injuries to insurance claims and worker’s compensation-related penalties. You need Sure-Foot’s anti-slip FRP strips. Made of fiber-reinforced plastic, commonly known as fiberglass, FRP strips provide a safe, durable, and cost-effective solution to slippery walking surfaces wherever they appear at your business. 

True Grit!

Available for both commercial and residential applications and in different sizes, FRP strips feature specially formulated grit that gives them superior anti-slip qualities. Three grades of grit are available, ranging from heavy-duty to light to accommodate a variety of applications including harsh, industrial environments and residential use. The material is lightweight and you can install them on wood decking or virtually any other surface including aluminum or concrete. With a low profile and beveled edges, once they are mounted securely to a surface, there is  little chance of tripping. Our FRP strips are also available in a wide variety of colors to provide a coordinated aesthetic view.  

Enduring Colors

FRP strips meet or exceed OSHA and ADA federal guidelines. They’re easy to install, corrosion-resistant to a wide range of chemicals, durable and the colors stay fresh. The fiberglass strips come in two-inch and four-inch widths with a maximum length of 144 inches. They provide excellent anti-skid protection and are largely maintenance-free. Residential decks can become notoriously slippery over time from water, algae, moss, and leaves, but Sure-Foot’s specially designed FRP strips can provide the grip needed to keep everyone on their feet. Unlike some other abrasive tapes on the market, Sure-Foot’s FRP strips feature a polyaspartic coating that makes them tough, reliable, and with colors that will not fade in sunlight, it is perfect for whatever outdoor residential decks or indoor commercial traffic throws at them.  

Explore the benefits Sure-Foot’s FRP strips or contact us about a specific application project.   

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