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Why Use Fiberglass Stair Treads

Protect your facility, institution or manufacturing plant from costly slips and falls. 
Stairways and stairwells, particularly the very edge of an individual step, are responsible for most slips and falls, potentially resulting in bodily injury. Adverse conditions, such as icy, wet or dirty surfaces, require durable, rugged protection that can withstand challenging environments and heavy traffic. 
In many instances, a fiberglass stair tread can provide better protection than other preventive measures. Fiberglass stair treads and walkway applications from Sure-Foot offer great advantages:  

Easy to Install

Treads and panels are usually installed using adhesive and/or mechanical fasteners for stairs or steps made from materials such as: 

  • Solid or grated metal  
  • Concrete 
  • Wood  


Sure-Foot’s commercial non-slip fiberglass stair treads, step covers and walkway applications improve the safety of any facility. They’re made with a proprietary blend of mineral abrasive epoxy grit available in heavy-duty, medium, lite or fine grit.  


The grit level of the fiberglass offers choices for different environments from bare foot applications to off-shore marine platforms.   


Fiberglass stair treads are more durable and long-lasting in challenging environments and under heavy traffic than other options.  


Certain types of stairs require a more flexible protective measure such as fiberglass. Metal stairs in particular flex and give a bit under traffic, while a fiberglass step cover will flex along with an open-grated step, where other options are too rigid. 

Low maintenance

Fiberglass stair treads are easy to clean with water 

Waterproof and highly chemical resistant

Suitable for challenging environments either indoor or outdoor  


Finally, they offer an economical option due to their durability and long lifespan. Other options with a lower coefficient of friction will require replacement on a more frequent basis. 

Sure-Foot fiberglass step covers are available in five standard depths – 3”, 6”,8”, 9” and 11.75 inches – to accommodate different step sizes. Custom sizes, cuts and colors are available. Consider adding a yellow sightline to the front edge or “nose” of the stair tread for additional pedestrian awareness.  

Contact us today to speak with one of our anti-slip experts about the type and size of fiberglass stair tread that might best suit your application.

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