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Fiberglass Stair Treads: Covers for Outdoor Steps, Worker Safety

Problem: Outdoor Stairway Poses High Slip-and-Fall Risk to Employees 

Non-Slip Fiberglass Tread Solution for Hazardous Stairs

Worker safety is a key responsibility for any employer, but even more so in the manufacturing industry. Whether they are clocked-in, on a break or headed home, employee care is a top priority for building design and maintenance.  

When the safety management team at an aerospace company became concerned about a set of outdoor stairs used by staff, they began to research preventative solutions.  

With an estimated 130+ workers using these steps each day, the stairway began to show signs of wear. The metal, open-grated steps were rusting in areas where the paint had chipped. Exposed to the elements, the stairs would often get wet and slick in the inclement weather.   

Taking a proactive approach, the manufacturer reached out to Sure-Foot, seeking an anti-slip solution that would allow their workers to navigate the stairway securely in all types of weather.  

Solution: Flexible Fiberglass Step Covers Eliminate Hazardous Stairway Conditions 

Anti-Slip Fiberglass Step Covers

Sure-Foot first walked through a discovery process with the manufacturer, collecting facts on the potential project. After assessing the data, including the stairway location, step dimensions, traffic type and traffic volume, the Sure-Foot team recommended the best solution.  

Based on the customer’s information, Sure-Foot suggested its Fiberglass FRP step covers with landing panels located in the middle and at the top of the stairwell. The product used was the 11.75” anti-slip step cover in a medium grit with a yellow nose and a black back.   

Sure-Foot’s fiberglass product was the best choice for this application because metal stair covers are too rigid, and rubber isn’t suited for long-term use in outdoor environments. The flexibility of these fiberglass step covers allows them to flex with the open grated steps, making them the perfect solution in this case.  

Implementation: Designing Custom Anti-Slip, Fiberglass Step Covers 

Sure-Foot’s non-slip fiberglass FRP step covers are created to handle the elements no matter the amount of foot traffic.  

A custom fiberglass solution was created to the exact specifications of the 27-step stairwell. The step cover design featured a yellow nose to call attention to the steps edge. The solution was delivered to the facility ready for installation using bolt grate clips for fastening.  

Results: Non-Slip Stairway Solution Offers Quick and Easy Installation for Customer 

The customer was thrilled with the ease and speed of installation, providing before and after photos to show the incredible improvement.  

The brightly colored yellow edge allows for a better level of safety as employees quickly use the steps to come and go from the facility. The grit step covers now provide better grip and footing for workers even during poor weather conditions. 

Are you interested in the long-lasting safety benefits of Sure-Foot’s FRP solutions or one of our other products? Request a sample today.

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